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"BIG (new) MKX News Koming This Week...." "...Encore?


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At the end of yesterday's Patch Notes stream, NRS announced their would be more big news announced soon, and Ed Boon took to Twitter to announce it in usual kryptic manner. The Tweet, which you can view here, as well as below, but what are your thoughts as to what this could be? Kombat Pack 2? New skins for the newer kharacters? Finally getting a new netcode? PC version fixes? I (Tim Static) think the picture of the moon means that there is some new Klassic stages coming (The Pit as we reported before here) but post your conspiracy theories here!!


Ed Boon just tweeted this out not too long ago:

Seems to me (TS) that this is an actual pic of a screen shot showing off the The Pit X, in what will be called an "Encore Klassic Stage Pack" or just the Pit's Encore. Here is the image itself:

General Reaction from players if it isn't KP2:

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I officially think there's no KP2. I'm so disappointed, fuck NRS for stringing us along so far.

It's going to be stages or something and ESL Season 2 announcement and that's it I'd bet.
It's gotta be a KP2 or at least a few more characters. They wouldn't lead us on like that if it's nothing, and they said that announcements are coming this week. I'm not giving up hope on this shit lol

But if it's just a few more stages or costumes, I would be completely cool with that.


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It could be just Fujin replacing the ?. I could see it.

But I just don't think they'd do fewer chars for MKX than for Injustice, and the 'Kombat Pack 1' thing was too bizarre if there isn't a 2.
Word, why even put a number if you don't follow up? I'm not convinced that they will announce what's in KP2 this soon after KP1 is finished mostly because I think they want to see how the community plays after this patch before they announce characters; fixating everyone on what will be instead of what is.

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Wow, calm down, guys. So impatient. The changes in this patch are huge and exciting. I wasn't expecting anything more. And if you honestly don't think more characters are coming, you're brain damaged.