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"BIG (new) MKX News Koming This Week...." "...Encore?

Honestly there are to many characters that "need" to be in this game, and as such KP2 will inevitably be a letdown in general. People asking/expecting the Alien to be in...people wanting/expecting "there favorite MK character" to be in...I can't wait for all the tears.

That being said, if Fujin isn't in, I'll be pretty disappointed. So, let the tears begin with me...
Eh, all I care about is bnb's requiring run cancels or fireball cancels, cause I can't do either well, so whoever it is I can have some fun with no matter what outside those things. ;)


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No matter who they are, I have a feeling Rain (3rd one from left to right) is there (without ponytail intentionally) and last one is Fujin with a distorted body. Look at his head, he has a headband!

If these two are in, I would be SO HAPPY!


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Okay I am gonna say L-R Baraka, Sindel, Fujin, Bo Rai Cho. Third might be a cyborg instead of Fujin. The Rain fans are going to be presssedddd if I'm right.


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As I said in the other thread about the KP2 announcement tease:

Ed Boon loves to troll. I'm pretty convinced that none of these silhouettes belong to any of the characters that will actually end up in the pack.

Tell me the first one that everyone assumes is Baraka isn't just a Sub Zero silhouette.


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Thankfully the Scorpion whiners have scared them off of trolling the kombat pack contents, so we should know the whole family tomorrow.


Probably what @ImperatrixSindel said, Baraka, Fujin and Bo are given, because they're using the same model... Now if you think about it, they wouldn't leave Sindel as the only revenant there, she probably got a new costume, and going by the logic that NRS only did short haired females in this game, she could very well be the second. The only thing that worries me though is how she's gonna pull off her specials.


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My dream for Kabal in MKX is still strong, hoping those Outlines are bullshit trolling by Boon