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"BIG (new) MKX News Koming This Week...." "...Encore?


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They were talking about the random select spot which makes me think they were hinting at Smoke since he was the middle spot in mk3. But then again it could be nothing and just starting rumors like the middle spot was where you picked Goro in mk1


Really confident about a second KP. Boon teased it so many times already that people would probably lose their sh*t if there's no KP2. But then again, I also believe it could be UMKX, I just can't see them announcing it so soon considering it would be a full upgrade.


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I think KP2 is very unlikely. A big thing is NRS implying that this is what they would like to be the final balance patch. I don't see them releasing new character without intending to patch after they are released.
Put it this way, which I have said many times before. I knew and certain others knew the full confirmed roster back in Jan/feb and know now, there is no KP2. Who knows they may just drop it unexpectedly (highly doubt it), yet with normal development test cycles/QA submission and approval, these are done weeks/months in advance..

It's been out for 4/5 months now and is at version 1.08 + hot fixes included on top of that to a stage where they are comfortable with the way they want it to be. To add additional characters on top of that and then QA test, patch, etc,etc, is going to take more months and then, if they release another character, it's going to get patched again once it hits the end user like with all DLC due to possible time constraints and what not..

NRS will move on to their current projects fully using all available resources once they are satisfied with MKX, which they are now (based on their stream chat) and the next patch will be Quan's spell fixes and maybe more tweaks.


The big announcement is a patch for the shitty patch they just released and ESL season 2 ... No KP2, no new skins for other chars (maybe a scorpion skin or 3), no new/classic stages and no "netcode" improvements.

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It could be just Fujin replacing the ?. I could see it.

But I just don't think they'd do fewer chars for MKX than for Injustice, and the 'Kombat Pack 1' thing was too bizarre if there isn't a 2.

I was thinking the same thing, they'd have to replace the random ? for character icon. Maybe if they're adding more than 1 character (for arguments sake say Fujin), then that could serve as a popup for more characters like MK9 had it for Cybersub, Skarlet, Rain and Kenshi.
Announcement of a patch that will fix today's broken patch.

Seriously probably ESL season 2 and some other shit no one cares about like a new skin for a character no one uses.

Net code is what it is. If they finally addressed and fixed the XBone problems that would be ideal, but nothing makes me realistically believe that's what it is.

I don't think it will be KP2, but even if it is, it'll probably be like Willy Wonka, Gizmo Duck, and Tim Tebow.


I predict goty or anything else not related to gameplay or content. Boon's "huge/big" news have always been such things.
It's gotta be a KP2 or at least a few more characters. They wouldn't lead us on like that if it's nothing, and they said that announcements are coming this week. I'm not giving up hope on this shit lol

But if it's just a few more stages or costumes, I would be completely cool with that.
why would you be cool with that? its not worth the wait.


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If it is kombat pack 2 would the moon suggest xenomorph? I know there's a lot of buzz of this happening


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It's going to be something dumb like stage fatalities or more easy fatalities that are easier than the previous easy fatalities. Basically, something almost nobody wants.


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Aris heard it from a NRS staffer. The MK9 engine (which MKX employs) has this flaw in the code. It'd have to be rebuilt ground-up.
And I heard that he heard that we heard that I heard that you heard that he heard that she heard this or that but I'm not sure if he heard what we heard or I heard you heard that he heard anything.

^ Valid information.