1. KIllaByte

    Geras: The Perfect Cover-All Sand Clone Setup Combo (Concise Video Tutorial)

    In a previous episode of Incredibly Important Information, I covered a Sand Clone setup that led to guaranteed powerful mixups, but that setup sacrificed too much damage. This new one hardly sacrifices any damage, and allows you to press offense, completely safe from the multitude of wakeup...
  2. KIllaByte

    Optimizing Sand Clone With Eternal Geras (NEW Post-Patch T3 Setups, Combos, & Ideas) (Video)

    The October update has given us a new competitive variation for Geras, called "Eternal." Eternal's most significant move is a special called "Sand Siumulacrum." It's Geras's most interesting move, and it's certainly one of his strongest tools as well. In this video, I'll take ten minutes to show...
  3. ETC Mcfly

    Kung Lao - The Shaolin Return (Setups, interactions, tricks & Tips) (By T7G-ETC Mcfly)

    Sup Guys! I leave my contribution for the players of kung lao with details of the use of interaction in combos, combos without meter, configurations, tricks and some tips that I hope will serve you. For the Shaolin ... *Competitive mode @KutlessMyth, @Saltea Moonspell, @Professor Oak...
  4. I

    Shao Kahn Oki Setups

    I figured I would make an open thread for Shao Kahn’s Oki Setups in MK11. I’m still learning the game’s fundamentals so, not quite ready to learn specific oki setups yet but, I figured I’d make an open thread for people to post in and I can learn his oki setups when I’m ready.
  5. scarsunseen

    ScarsUnseen's Enchantress Setups (video)

    Hey, guys! I just wanted to make a compilation video of all the Enchantress setups I've found so far. I also highly recommend you check out other setups found by Kandarr and SonicFox (check Twitter). I'm sure others out there have found some goodies too. This character is extremely fun and can...
  6. Oonaugh_

    Injustice 2 - Scarecrow Combos And Setups

    Hello and welcome to my second combo video! In this video, I demonstrate setups, and general combos with Scarecrow! You can find my first combo video here: Subscribe for more <3
  7. unbearablepun

    Blue Beetle setups, mixups, combos and resets

    Cool beetle stuff to help anyone that needs it.
  8. Migi


    Found the other night, dont know if new or not. After the dash, tap forward then do the string
  9. Roy Arkon

    Poison Ivy Simple Combos and Trait Setups

    As we all know, Poison Ivy is one of the harder execution characters in IJ2, so I thought it will be good to show a series of simple combos and Trait Setups for her, including some Corner and Supermove combos, and also corner Trait Setups. I've picked Cheetah/Vixen as my training dummy since...
  10. Roy Arkon

    Poison Ivy Tech - Kiss of Death + Bed of Thrones Combo

    I found a Poison Ivy guide from TrueUnderDawgGaming, and in his guide he mentioned something that I'm not sure that many people are aware of. So I've decided to check it out and share it with you. It turns out that when you grab someone with the Kiss of Death Command Grab while the Bed of...
  11. HatecraftsWife

    Captain Cold unblockable interaction reset

    Not optimized at all, but here's the proof of concept. Cannot be poked, backdashed, or armored out of.
  12. HatecraftsWife

    Firestorm - Unblockable interaction set up

    Works anywhere that has an unblockable interaction. Cannot be poked, backdashed, or armored through. I'm sure someone can optimize this as I found the set up literally 5 minutes into labbing.
  13. D

    Guide - Nimble Acid Puddle Setups

    Some safe viable use of acid puddle with Reptile.
  14. D

    Combo Video - Reptile Guide Reptile Nimble Post Patch 1.14

    Hi Folks! After 2 months finally my job let me free to find time to finish this video.I tried to put all...basic,AA,Bnbs,meterless basilisk,unbreables,braking armor,setups,hard combo damage...keeping an eye to the swaggy and the safety at the same time.I am not forced anyone to believe this is...
  15. HappyPow

    Combo Video - Reptile Reptile : Nimble Combos/Setups/Corner Carry

    Here are some Nimble Reptile combos and setups by the always impressive HappyPow. Please read his message and watch his videos below. Yo I've been doing a new video lately, here it is. It shows pretty much what you can do under Slow Motion, indeed you have several opportunities and I must...
  16. ShArp

    Guide - Metallic Metallic 6x rolling stones unbreakable combos (Patch 1.14)

    So from labbing Metallic I realized you can actually do 6 lava rolling stones in a row (instead of just 5) for unbreakable damage from full screen and at the end it's all up to you what to do next - throw, do a restand or knockdown - it's all up there for you after those sweet 6x rolling...
  17. n0rv1s

    Tech - Kitana Setups & mixups

    Hi all, in this video l added as many setups/mix'ups as l just could come out with, it was a mission to perform them all in one go lol. Would like to know your opinions about it, is it good enough to be used in game play? If not, then why not? etc...