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Poison Ivy Simple Combos and Trait Setups

Roy Arkon

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As we all know, Poison Ivy is one of the harder execution characters in IJ2, so I thought it will be good to show a series of simple combos and Trait Setups for her, including some Corner and Supermove combos, and also corner Trait Setups.

I've picked Cheetah/Vixen as my training dummy since her Primal Rage special is very fast on startup, meaning that it is a very fast Wakeup (I'm not sure if this is the fastest regular special Wakeup in the game though), which is good to show at which times it will be safe to set up the Night Shade Trait from close range, either in midscreen or in the corner.

A couple of the combos BTW are from the living Ivy guide made by @myri

Enjoy :)

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