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Shao Kahn Oki Setups

I figured I would make an open thread for Shao Kahn’s Oki Setups in MK11. I’m still learning the game’s fundamentals so, not quite ready to learn specific oki setups yet but, I figured I’d make an open thread for people to post in and I can learn his oki setups when I’m ready.
Oh ok, good to know @Olcadan13 I will definitely check that out, I need to play him more to learn the game since, he seems like a really good starter character to master the gameplay of MK11 with


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I'm not sure he has any real "setups", but on knockdown I like to harass with sweep until they have to respect it. Then you can start hovering just outside of their wakeup range and either sweep, delayed sweep, or throw. Or wait for them to jump and d2 if they seem jumpy.