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Discussion in 'Street Fighter' started by Rickyraws, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. LiangHuBBB

    LiangHuBBB Noob

    This is how Zeku should've been on release.

  2. xiskza

    xiskza Underworld

    They are still top tier. Not Akuma/Cammy tier, but high tier. Probably B+
  3. EntropicByDesign

    EntropicByDesign Confused and afraid.

    Zeku looks really good after the patch, he's a lot closer to what i was hoping to see from the start.
  4. Zeku has to have the most ambiguous jump in kick cross up in the game, even pros get hit with it all the time.
  5. Linkuei82

    Linkuei82 Live by the sword, Die by the sword
    Premium Supporter

    Ya I think Zeku has an awesome design. I love the concept of him switching between his older and younger self.
  6. B. Shazzy

    B. Shazzy Retired Best Batman
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    the point is capcom doesnt need to bless these scrubs with a chracter to counteprick guile, as if he’s out of control and prioritized a direct counter for him. people should worry about becoming better players instead of banking on sick urien vtrigger setups man or abigail type characters designed for 5 year olds to feel good
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  7. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    Soooo has Faulke been relesed yet ?Question mark?
  8. xiskza

    xiskza Underworld

  9. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    That was...a weak ass story...
  10. FL Rushdown

    At least you acknowledged that they’re sick. Don’t be jealous no one wants to watch you auto pilot boom into AA then use the simplest throw bait in the game.
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  11. New York Pizza

    New York Pizza Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    People crave to see my impeccable footsies, poignant pressure, lavishing throw baits, dramatical AA's, and ohoho-rgasmic vt parries from my precious perfect beautiful angel from heaven.

    Falke/ folk/ fucke/ flake/ captian falcon punch is.... the funnest dlc thus far yet still forgettable. Too drunk to explain rn
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  12. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    Im telling Karin you're cheating on her you WHORE!
  13. New York Pizza

    New York Pizza Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

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  14. Linkuei82

    Linkuei82 Live by the sword, Die by the sword
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    So far of all the characters, Falke seems very stiff and awkward compared to the rest of the cast. I'll mess around with her more but her movements feel very clunky like an NRS game.
  15. xiskza

    xiskza Underworld

    I'm hoping they show more of her during General Story volume 2.
  16. xiskza

    xiskza Underworld

    some quotes

    Falke to Balrog:
    "You're sloppy and inefficient in your technique, and unfortunately you've passed that on to Ed."

    Chun to Falke:
    "I'm sorry to hear what you've been through, but your connections to Shadaloo cant be overlooked."

    Falke to Abigail:
    "Your size speaks volumes about how inefficient you are."

    Mika to Falke:
    "You got some sweet moves, but they feel a little...stiff. You should try smiling some more!"

    Juri to Falke:
    "Don't you worry your pretty little head. I'll crush those slimy Shadaloo goons under my foot in no time!"

    FANG to Falke:
    "I fail to see why Lord Bison has a need for copies like YOU when he has a mastermind like me by his side!"

    Gief to Falke:
    'You fought well despite such puny muscles! Is it because of your Psycho power?"

    Falke to Chun:
    “We have nothing to do with that monster. Leave us alone!”

    Menat to Falke:
    “That power…It’s like that of…Bison, was it? I have a feeling I will see more of it in the future…"

    Urien to Falke:
    “So you’re a remnant of that dark organization? You might be of some use to me after all."

    Cammy to Falke:
    “Those Shadaloo bastards have gone too far…”

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  17. xiskza

    xiskza Underworld

    The director of SFV has been Tweeting about Falke/Neo Shadaloo lore.
    • Falke's birthday is May 25. Such info will be published in an official capacity in the future.
    • Falke considers herself Ed's older sister and is very protective of him.
    • Falke grew up in an area of the Shadaloo facility where German was spoken.
    • The limited edition e-Capcom book contains small hints about the Neo Shadaloo mystery.
    • "Gorilla-kun" has a proper backstory, and his real name has meaning.
  18. Johnny Based Cage

    Johnny Based Cage Day 10 Mediocre Darkseid Player
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    Guile/Guile players to Falke:
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  19. I don’t think Laura is low tier at all. And I think ryu is better than what the general consensus is.
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  20. B. Shazzy

    B. Shazzy Retired Best Batman
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    ita pretty sad flash metroid won my region’s NA online cpt tournament. i wonder what all the good players were doing that they couldnt participate

    i dont blame them for not playing online tournies but i mean come on at this rate the east region will have bumdown making top 8 or something lul
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  21. EntropicByDesign

    EntropicByDesign Confused and afraid.

    Falke is laughably bad.
  22. FL Rushdown

    Easy to say that when you don’t play. Not sure what your exude is this time though, seeing as you didn’t even have to put on pants for this one
  23. So out of all dlc I’m guessing akuma,urien,guile, and menat have been the strongest? Seems like the rest have not been too strong.
  24. Linkuei82

    Linkuei82 Live by the sword, Die by the sword
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    Abigail was really strong too until 3.5
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  25. But was he that strong as a new no patch dlc? I know ibuki was really strong at some point, so was balrog, but I think this was after patching, but not sure though.

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