R.I.P. Blue Blood

Discussion in 'Geras' started by Living Corpse, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. PapaRegadetho

    PapaRegadetho All hail emperor Liucifer Kang!

    It gave him a sense of uniqness, shame they changed it. Also, it seems they are open to change quite alot of small and big details about the game. Looks like one of execs are pulling some strings here. For the love of god, I hope im wrong.
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  2. spidey300

    spidey300 Noob

    they pretty much ruined a unique part of the character. just make it more gritty looking blue.
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  3. Resistible

    Resistible MK fan since '92

    D'vorah has dark blue blood in MKX, that should carry over
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  4. Pizza

    Pizza Thrill Kill

    New trailer, red blood.

    Yeah, it's a shame. I liked his blue blood, it was very unique and weird.

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