1. NickandAutumn

    New Krypt event January 28th

  2. Nike

    Top 5 Favorite Variations to Play?

    Hello everyone. I've been very curious what everyones favorite way to play the game is. Maybe I can get inspired to try something new. If you want to share, than whats your top 5 fave varations? Heres mine: Kotal - Buluc Dvorah - Buzzed Kung Lao - Lotus Fist Jaded Shang Tsung - Spellmaster
  3. NickandAutumn

    New Joker intro hints at Injustice 3 (debunked)

    MOD EDIT: It is in fact not the case at all.
  4. NickandAutumn

    New Krypt Event Jan. 11th Location

    New Krypt event containing Kombat league gear for Kitana and Jade's getting ahead brutality.
  5. KIllaByte

    Labbing For Lessons: Exploring Eternal Geras' Combo Choices; Using Grr VS NinjaKilla at KIT

    This is the premeire of my newest series! In it, I find specific lessons in specific moments of my match analysis, and consider the players' options in those moments by using my own live labwork. This video was produced to fit Twitter video length limits. If you're looking for a longer video...
  6. NickandAutumn

    New Krypt Event TODAY Jan. 6th

    Containing Kombat league gear for Cassie and D'vorah. Will be live until 9am CST jan. 7th
  7. NickandAutumn

    New Holiday Primere Tower 'Ring in the New Year'

    Just a heads up if you didn't know the new holiday premiere tower is out now. We hope you all have a happy New Year
  8. NickandAutumn

    New Krypt event out NOW

    Jax and Noob KL gear available today in a new krypt event. This one is pretty easy to find but in case anyone is looking for it still heres the location
  9. TheNation265

    Kitana (Fan-Fare) - Flutter's Utility

    Hey guys! I made a video showcasing the various, unique ways you can utilize the flutter special move that may or may not be known. From reading social media, people generally write-off the Fan-Fare variation, and I wanted to highlight the uniqueness and potential of the variation. Hope you enjoy!
  10. NickandAutumn

    All New Krypt event this Friday

    If you haven't already heard there is a brand new krypt event coming this Friday more info in the video.
  11. FanTalk

    Tom's Incident Has Made it to Esports Mainstream News

    Is Tom's Career Over? How Can Tom Bounce Back (If you answered NO with #1) How bad do you think MK11/FGC will suffer from this incident?
  12. NickandAutumn

    Fourth returning Krypt Event location containing Shao Kahn items

    These returning krypt events are only live for 3 hours so if you missed it the first time hopefully you can get it now.
  13. Roy Arkon

    My case of me being mistreated by Tom Brady

    I was going to tell this as a comment in the thread that @STORMS opened up, but I've decided to give it it's own thread. I wasn't sure if I should tell this when it actually happened, but considering that now Tom has being exposed for the donations money thing, I've decided that if Tom is gonna...
  14. NickandAutumn

    New Kollector brutality available in the towers of time now!

    New Kollector brutality in the towers of time now for about 20 more hours.
  15. NickandAutumn

    Third Krypt event is returning soon with Kano's gear and down under skin

    It will be live in 40 minutes for 3 hours only! Sorry everyone NRS changed the original Location
  16. NickandAutumn

    Returning krypt event this friday & Kano's region Specific skin having technical issues

    Also if you have bought the Cangaçeiro bundle and you didn't receive the items Netherrealm just tweeted that they are having technical issues. Here's the tweet with the link to get the time crystals refunded.
  17. NickandAutumn

    Gothic Horror Skin pack Showcase

    Take a look at Raiden, Geras and Cetrions new skins from the Gothic Horror skin pack DLC
  18. Neeko

    Erron black has terrible character design

    So just to preface this. Erron is my fav character, but I do play a majority of the cast. So this feedback isn’t coming from just an erron main but someone who is relatively knowledgeable on how most the cast plays and has played the game extensively since release. So these are my thoughts on...
  19. NickandAutumn

    Sindel's Klassic fatality back, Her Second brutality revealed!

    We were farming her tower tonight and got this brutality that is a throwback her klassic fatality! We hope you guys enjoy.