1. MKfanatic98

    First Day thoughts on Kombat League

    Kombat league is finally here! What are your thoughts/first impressions on MKs first actual ranked mode? Do you love it? Hate it? Think it needs more ranks? [warning!!!] This is a disscussion about the mode itself, this is NOT a rant forum about the type of players or characters you see on...
  2. neveradestroyer

    Mk11 secret moves

  3. PandaManee

    Enigma MK11 Online Caribbean League

    Welcome all competitors to Enigmas first in the series, MK11 Online Caribbean League. Come test your might versus your peers throughout the Caribbean. 1st place prize $10 psn. Register at Let us grow and become stronger together. So we can be recognized as the great...
  4. xxsledgrenxx

    Dirtbag Kano Setups and Misc Tech...

    its not much lol but
  5. Jhonnykiller45

    Bruce Campbell makes "hinting" komment to KP1 trailer

    Bruce Campbell, actor for Ash from the Evil Dead, posted a tweet about MK11 that suggests his involvement with one of the remaining guest slots.
  6. Roy Arkon

    YouTube Gets Exposed For Their Hypocrisy, Double Standard and Damage Control Through Mortal Kombat 11!

    I came across this YouTuber by the name of GamerThumbTV, who made several vids regarding MK11 and MK in general, and had to suffer from the bullshit that YouTube is already known for doing for a while. However this video actually exposes YouTube for not only their double standard and hypocrisy...
  7. Cheesus

    Frame data confusion about startup frames

    Hello, so which is true, A or B???? A. 1. Startup values include the 1st active frame like every other fighting game. 2. There is 1 frame of recovery after blocking an attack. (to punish -10 you need a 9f startup move or better because of the 1f of block recovery) 3. Reversals skip...
  8. Shane Graham (Maharg94)

    Kollector “Spare Change” Tech Thread:

    Some tech I labbed out, looking into similar practical set ups. Would very much like to see what tech some of you have kollected! Ps: See a lot of people complaining about the Kollector and he’s not top to be sure, but he’s definitely a solid character.
  9. VSC_Supreme

    3 Weeks in, How do you feel about Krushing Blows?

    Now that we've had a couple weeks to play the game and begin adjusting to the new mechanics how do you guys feel about the Krushing Blow mechanic? Before the game's release I was open to the idea of krushing blows changing up some parts of the game. A once per match mechanic that would allow...
  10. NickandAutumn

    Isn't something missing from Raiden's Thunder Fly?!?!

    Well we fixed it!
  11. Wazurau

    No Kitana icon on forum page

    Still no character icon for Kitana linked to the Kitana character discussion of MK11 page. Not givin shit, just pointing it out. Simple fix
  12. Cheesus

    Jax Arm Heat Guide

    Hello TYM, I've been mostly a lurker since 2011 and have had a good time and learned alot on this site. I decided to start contributing and helping out with tech. This is my first tutorial so it's not going to be great. Feel free to share constructive criticism, as I want to get good at this...

    Towers of Time Discussion Thread

    For the past 2 days I wanted to talked about some towers on the Towers of Time but couldn't find the right place for it. So, I created this thread for us to discuss all things related to the ToT. Discuss character based tower, the timed towers, strategies against certain modifiers, etc. Let us...
  14. T

    Homage to bruce lee

    Theres a little round ending animation that liu does when he wins in mk11. its a clear homage to bruce lee's iconic balcony scene. The problem is, its done right enough for you to tell what NRS was going for, but it was still done wrong. Liu goes into this wierd T pose and wiggles his hands...
  15. J


    Hey guys, Here's my latest fanart, a level up attempt to redo my fanart from 2012, hope you guys like it. Thanks!
  16. Marinjuana

    Tournament Variation Kompendium and Discussion

    Full list of all tournament legal variations along with the names of their unique moves and a short description of what you get. You can quickly make your variation a tournament variation by selecting "use a preset" in the Kustomization menu in the "Abilities" section. I'll try to make notes...
  17. L

    Is anybody working on a list of all brutalities?

    Since brutalities are mostly hidden and randomized in the Krypt (and Towers of Time), it's presumably going to be harder than in MKX to compile a full list of brutalities, and it's going to be hard for one person to do. Is there any kind of collaborative work under way to get all the brutalities...
  18. WelshIron

    Scorpion “Searing Demon” Kombos

    Button Notations 1/2/3/4: Light Punch/Heavy Punch/Light Kick/Back Kick F/B/J: Forward/Backward/Jump EX: Enhanced/Amplified Special Move xx: Special Cancel ~: Normal Kombo Transition KB: Krushing Blow FB: Fatal Blow THESE ARE GOOD KOMBOS BASED OFF ONLY DAMAGE Mid-Screen Kombos 0Bars: DB4...
  19. T

    Kabal ( Clean Cut ) Combos

    Combos that i found are most effective in real battle : Starters 11(punish) 111 B12(overhead) 4 ( good for counter ) Midscreen B12 bf3 23 db4 amp (254.29 ) B12 bf 22 bf1 amp 23 db4 (268.73 ) D2 KB 23 bf3 4 db4 amp (412.70 ) 4 bf1 23 bf3 4 db 4 amp (338.56 ) B12d2 KB 23 bf3 4 db4 amp (372.30 )...
  20. I

    Shao Kahn Oki Setups

    I figured I would make an open thread for Shao Kahn’s Oki Setups in MK11. I’m still learning the game’s fundamentals so, not quite ready to learn specific oki setups yet but, I figured I’d make an open thread for people to post in and I can learn his oki setups when I’m ready.