1. MK_ShaquanChi

    Johnny Cage kiss the rings hand wrap

    Does anybody know how to get Hollywood knuckles?. It’s the piece that kollector demands
  2. NickandAutumn

    New Kano Brutality

    New Kano brutality only the AI can perform right now.
  3. MK_ShaquanChi

    IF Quan Chi was in Mortal Kombat 11 How would he play? And would it be better than MKX?

    As a Quan chi loyalists, I’ve always wondered if he made a return to mortal Kombat 11 how would he play. He was solid In MKX. From zoning, Mixups, 50/50s etc. with Everything pretty much toned down in this game what do y’all think Bottom tier? Mid tier? Top tier?
  4. NickandAutumn

    Krypt Event 8 Now Live

  5. NickandAutumn

    NEW Stage Brutality with Patch

    New stage brutality on the Sea of Blood stage. To perform this you just have to get the last hit from mid to far range with the starfish throwable.
  6. NickandAutumn

    New Revenant Skins

  7. KIllaByte

    Optimizing Frost's Restand Pressure and Damage: (Video)

    This episode is the mark of one of my new series, titled "Incredibly Important Information," abbreviated as "III." In this series, first I show the final sequence, then assemble the individual pieces that build into the final sequence. For each individual piece of the final sequence, I provide...
  8. NickandAutumn

    New Game Mode Team Raid & More in Next Update

    We are very excited for this next update, we made this video about the new game mode but we didn't talk about the variations which seems to be the main talk on the forum. So I though I would share and see what you all think of the new game mode coming soon?
  9. NickandAutumn

    More Klassic Comparisons

    If you're into seeing klassics and the ones they brought back in Mk11 I think you would enjoy this video we made. We compared klassic poses from mk2 and mk3.
  10. NickandAutumn

    5th KRYPT Event Noob Saibot Klassic Mask

    A lot of you might know about this already but these are very short events and we just want to share it around so people don't miss out on anything they have been waiting for. Will end 8am MST 9/12/19
  11. M

    Hosting DAILY KOTH on my Twitch channel. Come join us!

    Hosting DAILY KOTH on my Twitch channel. Come join us! I'll be doing tournaments in the future for prizes as well. Can't wait to see you all! - Marto
  12. NickandAutumn

    Don't miss the 3rd KRYPT event.

    Just in case anyone has missed this today there is about 12 hours left on the event it ends on 8/30/19 around 8am MST Get Kitana's Edenian Blue skin before its gone.
  13. NickandAutumn

    Comparing more Classics with the Klassics

    We compared the klassic moves that are in Mk11 with the Klassic gear thats available. Enjoy! This was a fun video to make, going through all the old games was cool.
  14. KIllaByte

    MK11: Whiff Cancelling Tutorial (Safely Optimizing Wakeup Punishes Using Rare KBs)

    Free, Minute-long Lessons to Make You Less Free Episode 3: Whiff Cancelling This video is more technical, but every character can use it. Wakeup 3 is invincible, but, using big & disjointed or low profile normals, you can still cancel off them into uniquely rewarding punishes. This video...
  15. NickandAutumn


    Get your Liu Kang skin before its gone! ONLY ON PS4 & XBOX


  17. KIllaByte

    90 Second Liu F4 Hit-confirm, Stagger Pressure, and Offense Lesson

    Free, Minute-Long Lessons to Make You Less Free: Episode 2: Liu Kang F4 Hit-confirms and Stagger Pressure This is perhaps the fastest explanation and demonstration of the most significant element of Liu Kang's offense in MK11. It also features some high execution corner combos! Enjoy!
  18. NickandAutumn

    NEW Nightwolf Brutality (Pure Guts) AVAILABLE NOW

    Here is another new Nightwolf brutality. Get it before it's gone!