mortal kombat

  1. bcfighting

    Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero feat. Krizz Kaliko | Mortal Kombat Gaming Rap Battle

    We made a thing... :)
  2. NickandAutumn

    Fourth returning Krypt Event location containing Shao Kahn items

    These returning krypt events are only live for 3 hours so if you missed it the first time hopefully you can get it now.
  3. NickandAutumn

    New Kollector brutality available in the towers of time now!

    New Kollector brutality in the towers of time now for about 20 more hours.
  4. NickandAutumn

    Returning krypt event this friday & Kano's region Specific skin having technical issues

    Also if you have bought the Cangaçeiro bundle and you didn't receive the items Netherrealm just tweeted that they are having technical issues. Here's the tweet with the link to get the time crystals refunded.
  5. NickandAutumn

    Gothic Horror Skin pack Showcase

    Take a look at Raiden, Geras and Cetrions new skins from the Gothic Horror skin pack DLC
  6. NickandAutumn

    Krypt Event 2 Returns for 3 Hours Only!!

    Krypt event 2 returns for 3 hours from 1pm CST. Also if you already got the scorpion gear then you will receive 100,000 koins instead.
  7. MK_ShaquanChi

    Johnny Cage kiss the rings hand wrap

    Does anybody know how to get Hollywood knuckles?. It’s the piece that kollector demands
  8. MK_ShaquanChi

    IF Quan Chi was in Mortal Kombat 11 How would he play? And would it be better than MKX?

    As a Quan chi loyalists, I’ve always wondered if he made a return to mortal Kombat 11 how would he play. He was solid In MKX. From zoning, Mixups, 50/50s etc. with Everything pretty much toned down in this game what do y’all think Bottom tier? Mid tier? Top tier?
  9. NickandAutumn

    Krypt Event 8 Now Live

  10. NickandAutumn

    NEW Stage Brutality with Patch

    New stage brutality on the Sea of Blood stage. To perform this you just have to get the last hit from mid to far range with the starfish throwable.
  11. NickandAutumn

    5th KRYPT Event Noob Saibot Klassic Mask

    A lot of you might know about this already but these are very short events and we just want to share it around so people don't miss out on anything they have been waiting for. Will end 8am MST 9/12/19
  12. M

    Hosting DAILY KOTH on my Twitch channel. Come join us!

    Hosting DAILY KOTH on my Twitch channel. Come join us! I'll be doing tournaments in the future for prizes as well. Can't wait to see you all! - Marto
  13. Madex

    How would you feel about a krypt expansion

    It would have the living forest new outworld themed environment and a goro and reptile boss fight that unlocks them as playable characters.and a new shrine for hearts and souls.
  14. NickandAutumn

    Don't miss the 3rd KRYPT event.

    Just in case anyone has missed this today there is about 12 hours left on the event it ends on 8/30/19 around 8am MST Get Kitana's Edenian Blue skin before its gone.
  15. Madex

    List of rewards for the gauntlet

    New member here does anyone have a list of rewards for the gauntlet?
  16. NickandAutumn

    New Secret Sub-Zero Brutality Ending *Video*

    Here's a new secret Sub-Zero brutality ending for 'Falling to Pieces',
  17. NickandAutumn


    We made this video showing off Jades new brutality that was released today. It was weird though a couple of days ago before it was dropped I saw it in my move list but wasn't able to preform it. Did anyone else have this glitch happen to them?
  18. NickandAutumn

    Isn't something missing from Raiden's Thunder Fly?!?!

    Well we fixed it!
  19. Ninethie Music

    Fan made Live Action/Gameplay Mortal Kombat Rap Song

    Hey, sort of new here. Been thinking about joining the forums for some time but honestly I never played the game as committed as I have in recent years. So I thought what better time to join then with the new game and show you all my love and appreciation for the franchise with my Fan made Song...
  20. Moco64

    My friends recent Daniel Pesina aka Johnny Cage interview!

    My friend recently had the opportunity to talk to Master Daniel Pesina about his Mortal Kombat experience, he was a such a kind, easy going guy that he actually accepted a fans request! Daniel Pesina is best known by gamers for his portrayal of Johnny Cage, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Reptile in...