NRS Email Leak? Alleged New MK11 Details/Cover Art/Community Reveal Plans

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by ImperatrixSindel, Dec 14, 2018.

By ImperatrixSindel on Dec 14, 2018 at 4:48 PM
  1. ImperatrixSindel

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    Hi guys!

    I'm on the Leak Patrol these days, apparently. ICYMI, I did a thread on the supposed leaks we've seen so far, debunking details to show why they're probably all fake.

    There's a new 'leak' today, though, that has more points in its favor:


    Allegedly this is an NRS email from the marketing department, dated before the VGA. (Note, though, that email timestamps can be faked.) It has lots of accurate details about the VGA rollout, and makes the following additional claims:
    • Ronda Rousey will allegedly be at the Jan 17 community reveal to announce she's voicing Sonya Blade, which would be a big waste of money unless she's a playable character.
    • One of the new characters is supposedly named 'Geras', and they say there's potentially a trailer for him coming Jan 17 because Shao Kahn's gameplay isn't ready to show. (This makes sense, as Shao Kahn is the pre-order character, ergo probably doesn't factor into the story mode, and therefore they'd start developing him later on.)
    • New gameplay elements that the email says need to be introduced: Custom Variations, Krushing Blows, and Supers.
    • A mode is listed called 'Towers of Time', which would make sense as the new version of the Living Towers.
    • The email writer pitches showing off a Story Prologue teaser to introduce 'Kronika', presumably the hourglass woman in the Announce Trailer. (A name deriving from Khronos -- Greek god of time -- would track with the way the Elder Gods tend to have names drawn from Japanese or Greek mythology.)
    All of this seems pretty believable to me, and while I'm not treating any of it as necessarily real, I'll be updating the OP of my leaks post with this potential information.

    We'll have to see for ourselves on January 17, because this absolutely could be faked (with timestamps, etc) but of all the supposed leaks to come out during the MK11 lead-up period, this is the one looking most plausible to me.

    If this is fake, it's a master class in fake leaks, so good work to this person if they made it up.
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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by ImperatrixSindel, Dec 14, 2018.

    1. vapid
      Though I thoroughly dislike the box art, I think this could be legit. It doesn't have an accompanying roster, which lends it greater credence.
    2. methademic
      What do you mean pay? That was Peter Dinklage.. they did pay for that line and it was still awful.
    3. Rip Torn
      Rip Torn
      After studying the box art and the screenshots on the steam page, I have to say that this leak looks legit. It would take a really good artist a decent amount of time to create Scorpion in that pose with all the gear that matches exactly the screenshots on the steam page. Although the box art image is small, you can see all the detail that went into it and how closely it matches.

      Also, the initials "BG" in the upper right of the Gmail screen match that of NRS head of marketing who I will not name but it would make sense that the head of marketing sent an email titled "Marketing Update".

      If it's fake, it's the most convincing and masterfully created fake leak I've ever seen.
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    4. trufenix
      Has it ever been explained why Dinklage phoned in Destiny so hard? Was he sick? Did they not pay him?
    5. mattteo

      Does anyone know who Ron Tan Cho was supposed to be??
    6. HeavyNorse
      Please make a note of that only the ONE part of the cover art is confirmed true... but it doesn't mean all the rest is.
    7. ImperatrixSindel
      Honey, I think you gotta accept this one now lmao. They wouldn't just randomly get their hands on the cover art.
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    8. HeavyNorse
      I usually just ignore these "leaks", but looking into what leak that was referred to, I can see what you mean.

      However, thing is... I only care about facts. Officially confirmed information. If the rest gets confirmed as well, then I have absolutely no qualms with saying the leak was real. But only if EVERYTHING on it gets officially confirmed. Until then, I'm not going to trust it.

      So yeah, the e-mail might've been real. Could also be constructed. But we'll see soon enough.

      In only 7 days!!! :D
    9. Wam-Zlay
      Ed boon probably wrote the leak mail with the correct cover, to fool people believing the rest of the leak.
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    10. HeavyNorse
      SEE!!! This could be a reality! This is why I have trust issues, especially when it comes to MK! XD
    11. Squirt007nc
      I doubt it. It's already on the official mk's Twitter.
    12. Gamer68
      My roster prediction now that this leak is real:
      1. Scorpion
      2. Sub-Zero
      3. Raiden
      4. Liu Kang
      5. Sonya Blade
      6. Johnny Cage
      7. Kano
      8. Shang Tsung
      9. Kung Lao
      10. Kitana
      11. Jax
      12. Reptile
      13. Mileena
      14. Sindel
      15. Jade
      16. Cyrax
      17. Sektor
      18. Fujin
      19. Kenshi
      20. Cassie Cage
      21. Jacqui Briggs
      22. Takeda
      23. Kung Jin
      24. Kotal Kahn
      25. D'Vorah
      26. Erron Black
      27. Kronika
      28. Geras
      29. New
      30. New
      31. Shao Kahn (Bonus)
      32. Noob Saibot (DLC)
      33. Sareena (DLC)
      34. Chameleon/Khameleon (DLC)
      35. Doomguy (DLC)
      36. Pennywise (DLC)
      37. Spawn (DLC)
      More about Chameleon/Khameleon: basically this game's Triborg or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Highly customizable and you can choose between movesets of different ninjas that didn't make it into the game, Smoke, Rain, Skarlet and Frost.

      Anyway, see any areas where this could improve/is more likely? @ImperatrixSindel
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    13. HeavyNorse
      I can't get over the name Kronika.
      At least Geras is a reference to a Greek god of old age.
      But Kronika? They just needed to push that K in there...
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    14. ImperatrixSindel
      Khronos with a K was the Greek god of time, so...
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    15. Squirt007nc
      This honestly feels spot on.
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    16. xiskza
      I'm so not looking forward to Ronda's terrible voice acting
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    17. ImperatrixSindel
      @Gamer68 I think that's not a bad list of guesses. I wouldn't be surprised to see BRC or Tanya (or both) make the jump to regular roster, or to see Li Mei or Frost pop up, but otherwise that's pretty in line with my predictions (now that Sonya is back in I imagine Kano will be too).

      I don't see K/Chameleon making a return, but I agree Noob Saibot, Sareena, and Pennywise seem like good bets for DLC.
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    18. HeavyNorse
      Kronos, yes, that's true. So if that was her name, I'd have no problems with it, as it derives from a real thing. Well, as real as a mythological creature can be. :p
    19. Gamer68
      Remove K/Chameleon and replace them with Kabal.

      My roster in total is 37 characters but NRS games usually end on an even number, so add Li Mei (making it 38) or remove Sektor (making it 36).
    20. TopTierHarley
      I say there will be no borgs at all
    21. HeavyNorse
      Oh hey! Saw you in the chat of Ketchup and Mustard streaming earlier! :p
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    22. Barakall
      There's already a leaked roster in line with the one who revealed the box art:

      Liu Kang
      Sonya Blade
      Johnny Cage
      Noob Saibot
      Shang Tsung
      Kung Lao
      Shao Kahn (Pre-Order Bonus)
      Li Mei
      Bo' Rai Cho
      Kotal Kahn
      Erron Black
      Cassie Cage
      Jacqui Briggs
      Kung Jin
      Michael Myers

      This is in order from trilogy, 3d to mkx and new. Would be a highly disappointing and again safe roster. Also, Diederick and that lady as the main boss?
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    23. HeavyNorse
      No offense to anyone out there with this name... but... Diederick?! XD
    24. Error404
      0% of sareena being in but no borgs imo
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    25. BecomingDeath13
      I mentioned this earlier making a joke that Tyler named a character to get back at Derek for winning the belt battles all the time in the Kombat kast and watchtower
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