NRS Email Leak? Alleged New MK11 Details/Cover Art/Community Reveal Plans

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by ImperatrixSindel, Dec 14, 2018.

By ImperatrixSindel on Dec 14, 2018 at 4:48 PM
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    Hi guys!

    I'm on the Leak Patrol these days, apparently. ICYMI, I did a thread on the supposed leaks we've seen so far, debunking details to show why they're probably all fake.

    There's a new 'leak' today, though, that has more points in its favor:


    Allegedly this is an NRS email from the marketing department, dated before the VGA. (Note, though, that email timestamps can be faked.) It has lots of accurate details about the VGA rollout, and makes the following additional claims:
    • Ronda Rousey will allegedly be at the Jan 17 community reveal to announce she's voicing Sonya Blade, which would be a big waste of money unless she's a playable character.
    • One of the new characters is supposedly named 'Geras', and they say there's potentially a trailer for him coming Jan 17 because Shao Kahn's gameplay isn't ready to show. (This makes sense, as Shao Kahn is the pre-order character, ergo probably doesn't factor into the story mode, and therefore they'd start developing him later on.)
    • New gameplay elements that the email says need to be introduced: Custom Variations, Krushing Blows, and Supers.
    • A mode is listed called 'Towers of Time', which would make sense as the new version of the Living Towers.
    • The email writer pitches showing off a Story Prologue teaser to introduce 'Kronika', presumably the hourglass woman in the Announce Trailer. (A name deriving from Khronos -- Greek god of time -- would track with the way the Elder Gods tend to have names drawn from Japanese or Greek mythology.)
    All of this seems pretty believable to me, and while I'm not treating any of it as necessarily real, I'll be updating the OP of my leaks post with this potential information.

    We'll have to see for ourselves on January 17, because this absolutely could be faked (with timestamps, etc) but of all the supposed leaks to come out during the MK11 lead-up period, this is the one looking most plausible to me.

    If this is fake, it's a master class in fake leaks, so good work to this person if they made it up.
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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by ImperatrixSindel, Dec 14, 2018.

    1. Error404
      Man , you've been on the ball with these updates ! Good work !
    2. Crimea
    3. Evil Canadian
      Evil Canadian
      Might discredit it alone based on the box art. Does not match the key art of scorpion as shown in the trailer.

      Plus ronda rousey is a fucking awful actor so I don't want it to be true.
    4. ImperatrixSindel
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    5. ImperatrixSindel
      It looks pretty close to me -- what seems off to you? Especially with the aesthetic customization I wouldn't be surprised to see some off model stuff, like with the IJ2 Supergirl cover look that isn't in the game.

      Agreed on Ronda Rousey, I can't stand her.
    6. JBeezYBabY
      I mean, she is the WWE Women's champion so its not too far fetched.
    7. Evil Canadian
      Evil Canadian
      To further elaborate, MKX box art scorpion is a 1:1 match with the MKX reveal trailer scorpion. They ain't not gonna use their UHQ model render for stuff like this. The scorpion on that box is something else entirely.
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    8. ImperatrixSindel
      I feel you, but Supergirl is way off model in the IJ2 box art. I dunno. I'm certainly treating this with skepticism until Jan 17, but it's the first supposed leak to really make me sit up and take notice.
    9. HellblazerHawkman
      You must be psychic, I was literally just talking to Storms as to whether or not we should do a thing on this. Has a lot of issues for me that points to this being fake, but it's interesting to read through. Something else I just thought of, if Xbox is being used as the platform to show off everything, why would their internal documents be passing around the PS4 art render?
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    10. Evil Canadian
      Evil Canadian
      Also the leak is just all to convenient. Timestamps easy to fake. Nice to leak all the community event dates only after that all gets announced to sound like it comes from any position of authority. Box art looks bad because the MK dragon readability is poor and no marketing department would ever let that happen. Plus on top of that's not MK11 scorpion as we have been shown.

      There is absolutely no way there would be box art that doesn't show the dragon clearly. Look at every other MK box ever made, and the dragon is clear as day in some aspect of it.
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    11. Aramonde
      I hope this is fake. I don't want Sonya playable.
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    12. ImperatrixSindel
      I'm definitely treating it with a healthy dose of skepticism, especially since -- as you point out -- if this person has had it since before the VGA, why is it only coming out now?

      This just holds up better in my estimation than all the other ones so far, but I wouldn't be shocked at all if it was just very carefully-made bullshit.
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    13. Kenshi_mk
      Kronika is a really stupid name, I really hope it's fake. Hopefully it's just a placeholder name or something.
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    14. ImperatrixSindel
      I mean, it's not great but it's better than Salina and Oracle imo.
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    15. neveradestroyer
      Oh oh!. crushing blows sounds a lot like crush counters... I don't like were this is going.
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    16. Evil Canadian
      Evil Canadian
      Well anything's possible but the box art alone disqualifies it for me. And if its real, whoever OK'ed the box art should be fired.
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    17. Crimea
      the boxart is not finished. After official "Detroit become human" box art I can believe in anything
    18. Kenshi_mk
      Salina sounds like a name at least. Oracle is just a common word and Kronika is our typical latin-rooted word (either from chronicus or cronos/kronos) turned into some kind of name.
    19. HellblazerHawkman
      To run down the list of issues I have:

      I don't see NRS suddenly using hip-hop beats for the in-game music. Before anyone points out the trailer, they used a Wiz Khalifa song for MKX and it was still the bland, generic music we usually get for the final game.

      That is just a weird list for an internal company email. Maybe NRS is just super by the books, but whenever something gets sent through my department at work, it's not just a list of things we are doing. It's usually like "hey, we need to talk about filing financial orders", this is just covering a bunch of things that aren't related to each other.

      Why would they get Ronda Rousey to play a middle aged woman? Cassie Cage, sure. Sonya though?

      I think Shao Kahn is much farther along than that if they already have DLC costumes for him. The game is probably close to going gold, I can't imagine they are still at a stage where they don't have basic gameplay to show
    20. ImperatrixSindel
      Salina for me just looks like 'Saliva' and yes, Oracle is a title, not a name. I don't like any of these three options, but I'd take Kronika over the other two.
    21. ImperatrixSindel
      This is a very good point. I agree that the broad gamut of topics is a little weird. The stuff that's all related to the MK Day community reveal event makes sense, but why are they looking at key art? I'm not sure the same team would be handling marketing artwise and marketing publicitywise. But who knows.

      I think they are pretty married to Cassie's voice actress. I imagine they'd do Ronda-as-Sonya for press attention/WWE fanbase crossover (which they're always pushing), even if it doesn't really make sense -- it'd be sad for Tricia Helfer, though, who I thought was good as Sonya in MKX.

      Basic for sure, I just wouldn't be surprised if he was in a more raw state than the rest of the roster who had to be in place for story mode development.

      You and @Evil Canadian are definitely poking some strong holes in this, though. I'm glad I made a post to pick it apart!
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    22. theotherguy
      Question is why pay for someone like that with a major profile, when any upcoming voice actor can do the same job? Although it would be an interesting way to get fans from WWE/MMA interested in the game.

      Otherwise seems like legit info covering a lot of aspects that seem to fall in place with what's been announced.

      Assuming the cover art concept is final, don't know why they're going with Scorpion on the cover art again, especially as the sole figure. Given the story, i thought Raiden would have been it, or at least with someone else.
    23. Rice
      I can see them getting Rousey for Sonya after hearing multiple voice actors not being brought back.

      Overall this supposed leak is more believable than all the others imo.

      Also Kronika sounds like something NRS would come up with. Oracle always sounded generic as fuck.
    24. NothingPersonal
      I like Oracle better.
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