Noble Dragon Wins Injustice 2 @ EVO 2017!

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by STORMS, Jul 15, 2017.

By STORMS on Jul 15, 2017 at 10:53 PM

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    The top 8 is here. See below for the match results...
    Another year has come where all players from many countries have gathered to throw down. It has been Injustice's biggest tournament at over 800 entrants. Then there was 1...

    Full Top 8 Match Log Below

    EchoFox SonicFox (Red Hood/Black Adam) vs CR HoneyBee (Flash)

    Noble Dragon (Poison Ivy/Aquaman) vs PG Hayatei (Robin)

    EchoFox THEO (Superman) vs T7G/DR Gross (Green Lantern/Black Adam)

    NASR TekkenMaster (Atrocitus/Brainiac/Black Adam) vs Noble Semiij (Catwoman)

    HoneyBee (Flash) vs Noble Dragon (Aquaman)

    PG Hayatei (Batman/Robin) vs EchoFox THEO (Superman)

    EchoFox SonicFox (Red Hood) vs Noble Semiij (Catwoman)

    EchoFox THEO (Superman) vs Noble Semiij (Catwoman)

    EchoFox THEO (Superman) vs CR HoneyBee (Flash)
    HoneyBee over THEO

    Noble Dragon (Aquaman) vs CR HoneyBee (Flash)


    Congratulations to Noble Dragon for taking Injustice 2 at EVO 2017!!!

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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by STORMS, Jul 15, 2017.

    1. ShrekForXbox
      What even is this forum?

      Dragon won a tournament with Aquaman, SO CRAZY.

      But seriously what is all this shit everyone's arguing about?
    2. Aramonde
      People are now comparing Dragon to Sonic lmao. People call Sonic "a god" because he has DOMINATED the NRS scene for years now. If Dragon wins almost every major for the next few years then i'll call him a god.

      And as far as the money argument i dont blame Dragon picking a god tier characters to try and win 25 grand but it also doesn't mean im obligated to kiss his ass for it.
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    3. CrazyFingers
      I've always thought Dragon was the GOAT man, this isn't anything new from me lol.
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    4. juicepouch
      Good shit then, consistency is key lol
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    5. Johnny Based Cage
      Johnny Based Cage
      Here's some facts for all of you dummies going back and forth:

      1) Finding out you have cancer wouldn't even kill the hype as much as watching d1-trident rush, so people have a right to boo that shit, to boo NRS for keeping it alive in this sequel, and to boo Dragon for relying on it to win Evo.

      2) That being said, Dragon had just as much right to not give a fuck what people are going to boo and take what he felt was the easiest, most sure-fire path to the money and the W. And that path was stabstabstabstabsnore.

      3) People can dislike Dragon for having gotten exposed in the past for cheating, for always picking the most boring easy-win shit available, for his nerdy little face, or for anything else they want.

      4) People can like Dragon for (seemingly) being one of the nicest, most sincere kids around, for manning up and apologizing profusely for any past mistakes, for putting in the hard work it takes to be the best in the world with the most boring shit around, or for anything else they want, including his nerdy little face.

      See where this is going? Unlike girlfriends, you nerds all have opinions, but nobody fucking cares and yours don't invalidate anyone else's lul.
    6. Shaka
      You have no problem kissing Sonics ass and he uses top tiers and counter picks as everyone else.
    7. Marinjuana
      Aquaman is kind of boring to watch in his current state but it's nothing close to watching something like Alien being a hype parasite. Cool tournament, really excited to see what the game will look like after a patch, I don't think it needs much adjustment. Hoping to see the game at Evo next year.
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    8. Baconlord
      Just because players spend money to travel across the country and sometimes across the world to compete with 50k on the line doesn't mean their allowed to use the character of their choice. I as someone who watched the steam at my house for free am personally insulted at dragon's disgusting character choice. I spent good money on my pizza god damn it and now it's wasted because aquaman won evo with d1 trident rush. You should be ashamed of yourself dragon.
    9. Cashual
      Uck up with the condescending "I'm above it all" bullshit, you're here daily engaging in dumb ass arguments involving nothing but subjective opinions. Nothing worse than pointing out things in others that you yourself are guilty of.

      And my girlfriend is doing the dishes after making me dinner, is about to finish the laundry, and then I'mma hit before I snore and take up the whole bed, so hold that.
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    10. Cashual
      Bahaha exactly. Pretty much the entitled bullshit I've sifted through today. Don't forget to mention that dragon playing aquaman is ultimately responsible for discouraging new players to play the game and that if he were any more than a tier whoring cheater he'd play swamp thing so a disabled child would get into heaven.
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    11. Johnny Based Cage
      Johnny Based Cage

      Lol who the fuck is this guy?

      Look, Cashy, I'm going to spell this out for you nice and slow so that you understand it: condescending means talking down to others and I would never do such a thing.

      Plus your girlfriend sounds fake lul.
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    12. SM StarGazer
      SM StarGazer
      None of ya'll would be Booing if you just won Evo....just Saiyan.

      Is Aquaman cancer? Yep.

      Is Dragon a dick for picking him? No. When you play the Game of Thrones you WIN or you Die....there is no middle ground.
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    13. Shaka
      Now we need a Dragon interview lol, he must be feeling himself how he managed to get 98% of random scrubs hella salty haha
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    14. Skylight1
      This. Like people are seriously trying to convince us that we are obligated to straight out respect his choices because he won some money. Who the hell cares if he won money when at the end of the day his character selection represents a visual representation of what is literally wrong with the game itself.

      I don't care how long he has been training for, since he has a long and extensive track record of picking the top tier characters (and still managing to lose with them since no one wants to bring that up either). I'm happy he won but lets not get it twisted that his win is anymore respectable than Honeybee showing out with Flash (though his decision to go with Aquaman against Dragon's Aquaman is admittedly great mind games Dragon played on him))
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    15. M.D.
      Everything is ok as long as the patch shows up. Evo's gone, now where's the nerfs to the crap5?
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    16. HomeLee1121
      I shared a bed with dragon after he won evo. 10/10 wood share with him again. Dragon is the best.

      Tfw people saying he needs aquaman when they would get mopped by him with any character.

      Also LOL at people arguing with @Skylight1 .....dude is str8 cancer lol
    17. SneakyTortoise
      Freudian slip spotted. Honeybee wasn't the only one to get shafted by Dragon's trident in Vegas it seems...
    18. RNLDRGN
      The amount of Aquaman whining in here is reminding me why no one takes the NRS community seriously.
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    19. Marlow
      People complained at first about Deadshot, that he was braindead, and that full screen pew pew zoning was going to kill the game. Then players learned the matchup, and deadshot has grown increasingly absent from the top results.

      People complained about Atrocitus, that his trait made him a braindead character, and that top 8 was going to be filled with Atro spamming cat trait to victory. Then players learned the matchup, found ways to deal with cat, and we ended up seeing barely any Atro in top 8 Evo.

      Next it was Black Adam/Aquaman. We were going to see 90% Black Adam in Evo top 8, and it was going to kill the hype. Instead Black Adam was used as a pocket character, and ended up being an unsuccessful one at that. We saw only 1 dedicated aquaman in top 8, and even he didn't choose Aquaman exclusively. I just think it's strange that when a strong character gets good results the first response from some is "must be braindead, NRS please nerf". There way very well be a balance patch at some point, but I'm not convinced that the top characters need to be nerfed at this point.

      It just seems like with the way things are going, is really too much to believe that as time goes on players will start to find counters to Aquaman, either through counter picking characters, or finding better ways to deal with Trident Rush and FTD, or better strategies, or something?
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    20. God Confirm
      God Confirm
      maybe we should stop using the results of the current most recent tournament as tho it's the gospel. It's not as if the amount of high level players in this scene is massive, there was 2 flash players who entered the entire tournament and one of them got second place, that should tell us that just about any character can end up in the top 8.
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    21. MagnetoHalfway
      Congrats to Dragon

      I remember a lot of ppl on this site taking his props and saying his characters carried him in MKX. Now he is an EVO Champion so I guess those ppl gotta hold that shit and let it burn in their chest until the hate consumes them entirely and they collapse and die :D
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    22. TheJaquio
      Man, I'm still salty that we didn't get Sunday finals and the whole tourney was just jammed together, with little to no fanfare. This was the most bullshit Evo for NRS since MK9's release, considering that Injustice 2 is a brand new game with a close to 60k prize pool.
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    23. ForeverKing
      There isn't a lot of Batman. There is only 1 Batman in every top 8 and only 1 or 2 Batman in every top 48. Why does everyone spread these lies
    24. Karlmeister
      Congrats, yung Dragon.

      It was nice too see you win the tournament after so many falls against SF, but your consistency and hard work make it possible.

      Kudos to Honeybee too. He was out of his mind in all tournament except when fought against Dragon. He made some abnormally mistakes (mistakes, drops and misexecutions he normally don't make) but Dragon's Aqua was simply too much.

      PD: one of my biggest surprise was seeing Semiij lost against Theo after defeating SF...

      Enviado desde mi ASUS_Z00A mediante Tapatalk
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    25. Cossner
      @Skylight1 the irony of having a picture of Donald Trump while being the #snowflake who got triggered when @HomeLee1121 "olded" your posts.

      Can you explain to me why you, a talentless absolute random clown shitting on an incredible player/person like Dragon? What are you gaining from this beyond looking like an idiot?

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