Noble Dragon Wins Injustice 2 @ EVO 2017!

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By STORMS on Jul 15, 2017 at 10:53 PM

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    The top 8 is here. See below for the match results...
    Another year has come where all players from many countries have gathered to throw down. It has been Injustice's biggest tournament at over 800 entrants. Then there was 1...

    Full Top 8 Match Log Below

    EchoFox SonicFox (Red Hood/Black Adam) vs CR HoneyBee (Flash)

    Noble Dragon (Poison Ivy/Aquaman) vs PG Hayatei (Robin)

    EchoFox THEO (Superman) vs T7G/DR Gross (Green Lantern/Black Adam)

    NASR TekkenMaster (Atrocitus/Brainiac/Black Adam) vs Noble Semiij (Catwoman)

    HoneyBee (Flash) vs Noble Dragon (Aquaman)

    PG Hayatei (Batman/Robin) vs EchoFox THEO (Superman)

    EchoFox SonicFox (Red Hood) vs Noble Semiij (Catwoman)

    EchoFox THEO (Superman) vs Noble Semiij (Catwoman)

    EchoFox THEO (Superman) vs CR HoneyBee (Flash)
    HoneyBee over THEO

    Noble Dragon (Aquaman) vs CR HoneyBee (Flash)


    Congratulations to Noble Dragon for taking Injustice 2 at EVO 2017!!!

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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by STORMS, Jul 15, 2017.

    1. Shaka
      Congrats Dragon, you deserved it!
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    2. WarlordRenegade
      Of coarse aquaman wins evo lol
      Honeybee flash was insane grats to dragon tho
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    3. Levaranoia
      Aquaman killing the hype.
    4. Juggs
      Very hype stuff, congrats to Dragon, Honeybee, and every competitor at EVO 2017! Dragon deserves this win no matter how you slice it, he played as close to perfectly as you can.

      They said Tanya carried you. They said Alien carried you. Now they say Aquaman carried you. The haters gonna hate, enjoy that $$$$$$$$$$$
    5. skahwt
      Good stuff. Huge character diversity in the top eight. I know, Aquaman blah, blah, blah, but Dragon -and the rest of the top 8- played great. Injustice 2 looked amazing today.
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    6. Skedar70
      Dragon getting booed during the medals made me sick. I understand people don't like the character but taking it on poor Dragon after a really good performance is just bad taste.
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    7. Protagonist_1
      Just want to say congrats to Dragon for taking top 8. After defeating his demon Sonic in MKX and now getting his first Evo championship, this can be merely the beginning of Dragon's run.

      On another note, Honeybee is the GOAT, that man stuck to grinding flash back during MKX was still going on, and streaming injustice 1. Sorry I ever doubted him man, phenomenal play. I really hope to see more of him in later tournaments.
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    8. Kanalratte
      perfect play by dragon. but damn aquaman is as boring to watch as dead shot or dr. fate.
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    9. STORMS
      Sorry... my spoiler keeps saving dumb... I gave up. There's two when I only want one.
    10. Skylight1
      It would've been very nice for him to pick his main (aka Poison ivy) and take HER to the top 8 but hey, one can dream right?
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    11. StormGoddess
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    12. Lokheit
      Congrats to Dragon for winning EVO and to HoneyBee for what he did, most people will remember this EVO for his Flash. I think Dragon's reverse 0-3 earlier conditioned HB into that Aquaman mirror that was a bad idea after almost coming back with his Flash but having no room for more loses as he wasted them in the mirror, psicology plays a lot here and that earlier match probably gave Dragon the advantage as HB doubted his main.

      The best part is that Flash never looked like he had a real advantage on any of the matchups, HoneyBee was playing out of his mind and it was crazy (the multiple super finishers were amazing). In many of those games I didn't know how he managed to work around the obstacles and come up with wins, it was even better than Whiteboi's Scarecrow in the last tournament and that was dope.
    13. SadoDragon
    14. Rathalos

      I haven't gotten to watch a single match because of work and other obligations, really kinda bummed.

      This is cool though, more international players doing well in NRS games is always a good thing.
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    15. Shaka
      Honeybee's Aqua didn't win it... it was all Dragon. hold it.
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    16. xKhaoTik

      I don't think anyone is saying he's being carried since after the alien nerf, he was still doing well with Kitana, and Kitana is no Alien or Tanya.

      He's also doing well with Ivy, but aqua is a far better character. Can't blame him.

      Congrats to Dragon but FUCK i was really hoping my boy Bee would pull it out. Ah well second place isn't bad at all, especially at evo.

      Can't wait for the patch lol

      @HoneyBee Join the green.
    17. Eddy Wang
      Eddy Wang
      Lots of ppl are cringy about game balance, this game at the launch looks extremely balanced.
    18. Shaka
      Poor TK he didn't even make enough for his fly ticket.
    19. xKhaoTik
      Dude won 25K. He'll be iight.
    20. AfroBreezy
      What are you even talking about. He won based on chip damage. You called that fair?!?! For someone to main poison ivy since day one, and he uses Aquaman to win evo. No respect using auto pilot characters. That's why this game is going to die. Because at the end of the day, it's about respect and not money
    21. Agilaz
      Something tells me dragon will jump to the next braindead character when the patch hits. People actually pretending his character choices have absolutely nothing to do with his results.

      I'm generally not somebody who follows specific players, so I will say I would have loved if GF was between any non top-5 characters. I really hope we get that after next patch, cause the amount of braindead-tier is disgusting
    22. Juggs
    23. Redk9
      I'm so tired of this community whining about characters.
    24. JLG
      Lol, you just named two dominant MK characters that ended up being nerfed and dropped by a lot of players. NRS going to do a 3 for 3 soon?

      Congrats to all the Top 8.

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