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Who hired this guy, WTF?
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What did you expect?

Mikemetroid, Kombat, and all the Cage "mains" were literally the leading men in the witch hunt yelling on twitter and every other media Cage is broken, while literally ignoring all whiffing issues.

Enjoy reaping what you sow.

Now go win tournaments because he's balanced.

Good luck.
At least they listened to me :rolleyes:

Can he juggle off that armor break in the corner?
No, the recovery is way too long. Jax gets better recovery when he armor breaks, why can't Johnny?
You know, at least they could make his f2 a mid or something. Now he's all highs, no mix, and not really plus. It feels like nrs just trying to to stir the pot once in a while so it'll not be boring but not really balance. Which is a shame cause pre patch it was actually close to being well balanced with most chars almost viable.
But who knows, time will tell..


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Still wish his armor break was Shadow Kick or even B2, Flippy Kick blows and seems almost useless as Mike demonstrated. I'm "ok" with the 124 and 34U3 nerfs but since FB's still whiff on half the cast that one stings a little.

Those Stunt Double buffs though! LOL!!


Came back to see what they did in the patch as I don't play this game anymore, since I've been just playing DBFZ (but sometimes KOF XIII and MKX), and man... Its disgusting to see what they've done here to my boy, lol.

There's literally no point at all in nerfing straight forceballs plus frames. What were they thinking?? It already whiffs on half of the cast.

Totally garbage. Just throw him in a trash can. He's useless now.
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kick kick
Finally, now we have an excuse to complain for a fast mid and I can actually enjoy this character better. Johnny with his same long range buttons and an 11f mid? Sign me up, fuck the 124 block infinite.
uh... when's the next patch? 87? 87 what? ..years? I'm out.
Finally, now we have an excuse to complain for a fast mid and I can actually enjoy this character better. Johnny with his same long range buttons and an 11f mid? Sign me up, fuck the 124 block infinite.
uh... when's the next patch? 87? 87 what? ..years? I'm out.
Yeah, F2 needs to become a mid for sure now lol.


Who hired this guy
Playing outtake the 124 change hasnt really changed anything.
95% of people just mashed after +6 anyway.
Shock jock is dead though but who really plays this variation anymore.


I'm sure SS and Outtake will be viable , but why bother anymore. I played this character for the pressure, not the long buttons. He is just generic "footsie" character #30 now.


Who hired this guy
I don't agree that hes now bottom 5
I was there the first 100 pages complaining that he needed this and that but then realized his plus frames werent meant to be used that way and adjusted 124 is still a good string

On a side note why did they make his knee and ax kick so useless in this game when they were so important in the last 2 games
So sad what they did to my boy. I’m still gonna play him though because I enjoy the character. His game plan has to completely revolve around D4 tho. D4, stagger and throw lol


Spammer. Crouch walk hater.
He never was a pressure character. Nothing was guaranteed after his +6 and nothing is now.

Everyone was just too frozen to press buttons even when in half the cast 124 whiffed the 1 over them crouch blocking (which it still does) because they were twats.

Force balls are irrelevant as they also whiffed on crouch block so you never got the +6 anyway, so literally no change here.

Cage works identical as pre-patch, and also got no new KB and no useful armor breaks, so he is literally missing out on those mechanics yet again.

They added armor break in Showstopper which was the only variation with unbreakable damage, just to show the level of "nobody gives a shit" of the balance team.

I feel, for the most party Johnny’s game plan hasn’t really changed much. I was always confused when ppl said he was a pressure character because I’ve never played him that way, always defensive and slow. With that being said it seems like Outtake is probably the wave now. SS was mainly for offense and “pressure” but that’s not really a thing anymore. So I guess we just zoning bois now
Yea besides his comeback factor in showstopper with the sunglasses kb, outtake is definitely seeming to be his more viable variation. Both his changes to his plus frames and rising star are essentially just a reset to neutral. Very much no longer worth trying to pressure anyone anymore as his buttons are just too slow to compete or can be completely punished with by neutral ducking, etc. Gonna be interesting to see how he develops this patch. Especially seeing as his armor break is completely useless in any situation


Who hired this guy
Stopped trying to play him as a pressure character a long time ago.
He still has good damage, his staggers are still good, forceballs are still very good and pokes are very good.

Honestly the 124 string I used to bait my oppenent into something stupid or instead of finishing the string 12 into really anything.