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Just some bees, please., from England (Southwest)

Thread was getting out of hand though, bit annoying I spent 10 minutes writing a reply then it was closed before I posted lol! Jun 5, 2012

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    1. GambitTheFirst
      Thread was getting out of hand though, bit annoying I spent 10 minutes writing a reply then it was closed before I posted lol!
    2. Noble Raptor
      Noble Raptor
      Hey I couldn't do the @ notification thing in the Media section so just letting you know I replied to your comment.
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    3. GambitTheFirst
      Literally zero hype in that Toryuken final. But no disrespect to REO, guy's a beast!
    4. GambitTheFirst
      @Snowy Mileena is worse online than Kabal, if people can pull off Kabal online then much respect to them. Mili just gets away with bs online
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      2. Eh SnOwY
        Eh SnOwY
        Yeah. if i win with mileena i win becuz of random BS. yeah, freaking annoying...
        May 11, 2012
    5. GambitTheFirst
      Been thinking of learning Kenshi myself actually, but theres that same "sometime its best to just lame out" that stopped me learning Noob.
    6. GambitTheFirst
      Games on EU PSN anyone?
    7. GambitTheFirst
      Never understood the hate for MKvDC. Yeah lots of broken shit, dodgy online and not "true MK" but still was really fun to play casual.
    8. GambitTheFirst
      I liked the 3ds (armageddon = garbage tho), but nowhere near as much as 2ds. MKDA was the best 3d, just needed breakers, chess and Ashrah.
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    9. GambitTheFirst
      ETokki converter arrived, too bad I don't own a Xbox to try it out!
    10. CompletelyJaded
      Because it gets shit like done that I couldn't get for a whole fucking year out of them without actually pissing them off real good. And that video is not even all of what needs to be revealed about her. Her standing 3 shuts down fast advancing specials, like Reptile's dash, Raiden's torpedo and Kabal's rush. For example.
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      2. CompletelyJaded
        Like my signature says, where "please" doesn't work, "fuck you" will do the trick. :) I'm done for now though. As for why UFG, you explained that. I wanted more people on the cause because TaC is opportunistic about Jade and struggles to prove that she is not shit tier, while Krayzie probably knows this community way better than any of us and doesn't even try.
        Apr 12, 2012
      3. CompletelyJaded
        I want to see NRS give Jade tools and methods to be up to par with Raiden in any given environment, lag or not. All it would take is a fast punish and some safety.
        Apr 12, 2012
      4. CompletelyJaded
        Fast and GOOD DMG punish, I must add.
        Apr 12, 2012
    11. GambitTheFirst
      @Maddogg Yeah I'll be playing Skullgirls for sure! Hope onlines not region locked like MK9 (and netcode is good unlike MK9).
    12. Tim Static
      Tim Static
      hey use this link for your sig please. its a little too big. you can either copy the pic & upload it yourself or just use this link i have uploaded for you. thanks!
    13. SZSR
      Hey just saw your post in the World Discussion UK thread, like I said when I replied, Welcome to TYM. You should make an intro thread in the Noob's passage for a more formal introduction, just so people notice you're around. We need more people in the UK scene (although I don't live there lol) and i'm glad we have another for the ranks. :D
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