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Kung Lao Discussion Thread


God Fist Lao
Man this dude's sweep is trash no hit advantage at all! Can't even move but subzero has plus 26 on hit who can go make a sandwich or mix with his mixxxxx. Also can we get that swaggy combo ender from mk9 where he grabs there leg and punches them? It was so dope!
Scaling on 121 vs B32/F13 is super weird.

121 is 3 hits 93.63 damage, amp spin puts it at 129.73 after 5 hits

F13 and B32 is 3 hits 85.57 damage, amp spin puts it at 5 hits 128.44 damage

I finish with JI2, F21, spin, F12. Here’s where they’re at after each one of these:

121: 175.21, 218.57, 243.49, 279.57
B32/F13: 182.46, 233.95, 263.54, 306.38

Not sure why on earth it scales so different on the same number of hits (11) where one is clearly ahead at the beginning.


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So far what i experienced with his other abilities:
-Spiritual guidance has really high meterless dmg, his cancels are nice but other then that his groundprojectiles are not that great.
-Vortex has the whirlwind wich his really slow startup but gives full screen projectile with high advantage on block that can be used for setups after knockdown for free pressure.
-Buzzsaw seems really good to use in combination with f13 where you can setup buzzsaw for some mixups, like if they block you delay the hat and if they try to interupt they get hit by the hat.

Really tough choise to make wich one i would choose but i guess i would go with buzzsaw cause i had the most fun with and won the most games with.
If amp vortex ends up being a solid neutral pressure move and spiritual guidance has some safe options then the new variation has a ton of potential.

As it currently stands, Spiritual Guidance is bad because it can all be poked out of. If you do F13/F21/B32 into spiritual guidance all of it can be interrupted easily with a poke and can be full combo punished by a lot of people if they attack right when your animation starts regardless of what you push after it. So cancel is no different than soul bursts. It's currently very, very bad as a mix up. They've already addressed how fast it comes out so that shouldn't be a problem anymore, if one of the options is safe on block then that gives us a great option along with a cancel we'd presumably be in good shape on to take back a turn. Even in its current state it does very good meterless damage off of F21 and 21212. It's actually pretty solid for F13 and B32 in the corner as well but doesn't do anything at midscreen. If the new one can launch off of 121 that'll save a lot of meter.

Vortex looks completely switched up so it's hard to know what it'll look like. If it's a sped up version of what it was and moves faster it might be like a less good version of z hat to do on people you've knocked down with F12 or other super plus frame moves.


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21212 into spirtial guide launcher is 330dmg meterless
21212 db4 2 f21df1 j4d4

I played with vortex for a while and for example after ending string with f12 for knockdown, you can get it out safe afaik, but since they changed some stuff on those moves im really curious how its gonna work out.

edit: i forgot to mention, with spiritual guidance you also have the setups on wakeup where u can end combo in f4 db3 groundburst so thats will be nice, kinda like the zhat setups
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