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Kotal Kahn General Discussion

Finally got to play some kotal Kahn at a local. I didn't win but got 3rd. Was pretty fun still and didn't realize that I've gotten weak with tournament nerves.

Biggest thing is I gotta work on punishment on unsafe stuff lol. Like I punish cleanly on whiffs etc, but when stupid stuff happens I don't have a go to punish.
Also just to reiterate, delayed quake punishes delay wake ups. So for back throws etc. Also using it at this distance puts you out of range for most wake up attacks too. The 9 active frames stuff jump outs.

Evil Canadian

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Its time friends.

Tomorrow is Shang Tsung, and with him comes the strongest chance for a balance patch in the immediate future.

Kotal needs to be freed from jail, send him your positive vibes.