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I want Kronika to step on my face
Rejoice people!

Kotal hella buffed from the utter mess he was before release! He feels sooooo much more agile now.

A lot of frame data buffs and his jump arcs and speed are totally buffed now. Feels like MKX Kotal now I'm very happy.


I want Kronika to step on my face
Just keep trying u'll find the timing. It's not difficult just tricky to catch the first time


Feels lacking good mids with good range at around ~11 frames for wiff punishing crouchers. In MKX he had mid f2 and awesome d4. He has 15f f4 but it can't even be cancelled. Without cmd grab also lacks good 50/50 or I didnt find them. Feels like you have no tools to utilize small frame advantage because of that. And as a result most of the damage comes through the setups and chip.
Ah, and the fastest poke is now only 7f with almost no range.
His parry is still shit. Now it comes at 14f (Carl!!!) and is useless in neutral. Though you can cancel your pokes into, just to make opponent second guess. But risk of being launched is to high, given that you don't get any combo from successful parry.
I'd say def totem + cmd grab is what could be useful for turtling with KK.


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Anyone mess with the totem variation yet? Seems like you need Khan Cut for any combos, but I do love summoning totems so I'd be remiss to totally ignore the variation.