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Kombat Pack Trailer August 21st + Leak LOL!

In a surprisingly open move, NRS put out a mini-trailer for a "kombat pack" trailer, opening up with a barrage of angry Twitter comments about the silence.

Finally, we got a date. Thanks for telling us the date, that's what we wanted to know. A roadmap would pretty swell too, but we'll take what we can get.

This exclusive Sonya skin will release with Nightwolf on August 13th!

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This is one of the best trailers they’ve ever released. I like that they actually acknowledged that they hear us, and know what we want.

Kinda like when they acknowledged the massive outcry for custom variations in tournament modes.

It’s just reassuring to know they don’t have their heads in the sand.
one of the best trailers? is that applying only to mk11?
This "Trailer for a trailer" actually made me chuckle. Typical Boon, Typical NrS. If they didn't have the sense of humor that they do they wouldn't be as popular as they are. Fair play, glad we have some degree of a roadmap now.

I'm still VERY annoyed at them for other shit they've done in regards to this games release and whatnot, this funny trailer doesn't excuse that. But it is a breath of fresh air.
Finally some communication. that Shang gif was funny. Even if if it's still a "trailer of a trailer", it's still something. I hope they'll get better at communicating like they said, I also hope they'll finally announce if the first balance patch will come after EVO. I'm more hyped for Johnny's attacks to not whiff than playing Nightwolf.
I hope they add at least one huge character. I know that Shao Khan and Kotal Khan are big, but I want someone like Ferra/Torr's size.
So what can we expect from the trailer? First glimpse at Ash and Terminator? Cuz I doubt they're actually going to show gameplay for Spawn or Sindel just yet
so if they have any common sense I guess after nightwolf, at least a month of testing is gonna happen before any type of balance patch.

smell ya later, friends