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Kombat Pack Trailer August 21st + Leak LOL!

In a surprisingly open move, NRS put out a mini-trailer for a "kombat pack" trailer, opening up with a barrage of angry Twitter comments about the silence.

Finally, we got a date. Thanks for telling us the date, that's what we wanted to know. A roadmap would pretty swell too, but we'll take what we can get.

This exclusive Sonya skin will release with Nightwolf on August 13th!

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Added the exclusive Sonya skin to the OP. I sure hope she won't have those ugly sneakers and stupid socks for this skin.

Edit: may be a fake, looks kinda sketch.
I don't think it's fake, I'm pretty sure the skin was shown off in emails that were sent out advertising Nightwolf.

Also I'm pretty sure that Steam was updated a while back and there was a placeholder for a new Sonya skin in the DLC section.
Pretty happy about this announcement no more wondering . Thank the elder gods Ed boon talked some sense into WB . Someone had to said somthing