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Kombat Pack Trailer August 21st + Leak LOL!

In a surprisingly open move, NRS put out a mini-trailer for a "kombat pack" trailer, opening up with a barrage of angry Twitter comments about the silence.

Finally, we got a date. Thanks for telling us the date, that's what we wanted to know. A roadmap would pretty swell too, but we'll take what we can get.

This exclusive Sonya skin will release with Nightwolf on August 13th!

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Added the exclusive Sonya skin to the OP. I sure hope she won't have those ugly sneakers and stupid socks for this skin.

Edit: may be a fake, looks kinda sketch.
YYeah that Sonya skin is pretty bad. Just bland.
There are good designers with costumes for example Shangs skins are muahh but someone at NRS is clearly crazy I mean Cassie's/Sonya's skins and now that special needs helmet Nightwolf is wearing?

In another tweet Boon said its not thier fault they are taking so long dropping DLC. What does that mean Hands-twisted by WB to milk DLC content or what?

I'm hoping more Variations/customs are allowed in ranked after EVO. Imagine how cool Nightwolf will be with Spirit Animals in Ranked not to mention Ninjas with Shang. All I want is Nightwolfs Projectile parry #SuckItCetrion along with his WolfBuff & Ground Roll.
This is one of the best trailers they’ve ever released. I like that they actually acknowledged that they hear us, and know what we want.

Kinda like when they acknowledged the massive outcry for custom variations in tournament modes.

It’s just reassuring to know they don’t have their heads in the sand.
I barely play sonya but that classic outfit is great.
Been holding out on buying the pack but the news of nightwolf and kombat pack trailer has me excited
This Mortal Kombat 11 thing has run its course. Time to set fire to it and move on.
It’s time for Masters of the Universe.