Kano Revealed at Brazilian MK11 Event Konvocacao

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by HellblazerHawkman, Jan 31, 2019.

By HellblazerHawkman on Jan 31, 2019 at 5:36 PM
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    While we won't have the Kombat Kast to drop some Kabal on us for another week, that doesn't mean there isn't stuff going on and reveals coming out. Today we had a Brazilian MK11 reveal event that came out of nowhere (for us North American folks) that dropped some news on us after a few delays.


    Using this cover image because I'm writing this before the reveals actually happen. With that out of the way, let's talk news! Bear in mind, I don't speak Portuguese so I'm reliant on what was shown on video. And that was Kano, officially being revealed. Kano is also getting what looks to be be a region exclusive outfit? He gets a neat hat. We'll update with a character trailer when it comes out and image when it comes out, but that appears to be it. The game build and event was basically a repeat of the LA/London event, so you aren't missing too much from the stream. So yeah. KANO! Talk about that.

    Updated with Brazil skin and default:


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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by HellblazerHawkman, Jan 31, 2019.

    1. NothingPersonal
      Hello baby. Did you miss me?
    2. DarksydeDash
      This Kano looks super young :confused:

      Plot twist, this is actually Kano before he is a Black Dragon and is actually a good guy.
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    3. Gamer68
      Over the past 24 hours or so on Twitter I've seen anything from Tanya mega-fans claiming Kano isn't "relevant" to people telling NRS they need to make up for the Kombat Kast getting delayed by revealing another character -- even though it was delayed because their employees needed SAFETY.

      That's just in the past 24 hours. Not to mention everything in the past like the Prince thing I mentioned. You can't tell me that some of these people aren't a little crazy. You can be a character loyalist and make requests without constantly spamming DEMANDS, pretending original characters don't matter, ignoring situations NRS staff may be in, and/or going to extremes such as using dead people as a way of getting what you want.
    4. Jhonnykiller45
      Was thinking the same thing. Only thing this Kano's missing imo is some chest hair.
    5. MKF30
      I think the nutty feminazis with the “ more girls more girls” and the people who are entitled brats “ nrs give us more for canceling kombat kast” are both cancerous for mk and games in general. I can understand both gamer68 and mix’s points. Both of those types get on my nerves.
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    6. Gamer68
      More proof of it being Kano's son. /s
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      Really? They revealed Kano . No offense to the Kano fans out there but Kano is not that impressive.
    8. scrillantro
      Interesting direction they took with him. MKX Kano looked like a man-machine hybrid who had gone through some shit. MK11 Kano looks more grounded and young, or if you're negative, like someone cosplaying as Kano lol. I think he is someone who can benefit from the less breakneck speed of MK11 though.
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    9. pure.Wasted
      Well no offense to you but I think your favorite characters aren't impressive!

      Not sure who they are yet. But that's not gonna stop me.
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    10. Alec
      Well, before he was a Black Dragon he was a Red Dragon, and I don't think Kano ever was a good guy... :confused:
    11. Sablicious
      >an Aussie pirate

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    12. stokedAF
      Nice! I like Kano. The old dirtbag Kano is the best though. I liked the way he strangled and spit on people. His laugh while choking people in mkx was awesome lol. Cool command grab variation. I dunno about younger Kano... he looks like an asshole but is he scumbag Kano?
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    13. Rathalos
      Nah hes the kinda Kano that steals your girl at the coked out key party.
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    14. pure.Wasted
      Hmm, I don’t think nostalgia is the right word.

      I mean, look at the Nolan TDK trilogy villains. Scarecrow's first ever appearance dates back to 1941, Ra's to 1971, Falcone's to 1986, Joker to 1940, Harvey Dent to 1942, Catwoman to 1940, Talia al Ghul to 1973, and Bane to 1993. Not exactly spring chickens, you know?

      Do you want to dismiss Nolan's villain choices as being rooted in nostalgia? Maybe in very small part. But there's a loooot more to it than that. In the public consciousness, you can't have Batman without the majority of Joker/Harvey/Catwoman/Bane/Scarecrow/Ra's/Penguin/Riddler these days. Same goes for the MK mainstays.
    15. Pterodactyl
      Weird nitpick.

      I feel like he was way more beefy in MKX and even 9.
    16. xWildx
      Well, at least his reveal is out of the way.
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    17. EdenianWarrior
      Yea he’s sexy but that’s still a damn wasted slot period. No one can convince me otherwise
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    18. I suck at fighting games
      I suck at fighting games
      I'm not the biggest Kano fan of all time. Nor am I a big Johnny Cage fan. With that said, I think Boon has probably made it clear in a meeting at NRS years ago that the cast of mk1 is going to be in every MK fighting game going forward. They're all givens. If kano is in than Johnny is 100%.
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    19. xXRagingFlameXx
      I've gotten to a point where I don't necessarily care who's in anymore.

      They managed to take a character who I don't like at all, Kano, and made him look visually dope.

      Not a wasted slot to me at all. CoNViNCe ME OtheRWiSe :DOGE

      But that being said I'm ready to see some female renders now.
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    20. MKF30
      Indeed, I’m not a huge fan of either but if Kano got in cage has to get in.
    21. Blade4693
      Looks like they really toned him down a bit. He looks much less bulky than he did in MKX. Anyway glad for the Kano fans out there!
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    22. Wam-Zlay
    23. ImperatrixSindel
      With MK, which was revived from the dead to great acclaim specifically by doing what was essentially a remake of MK Trilogy, I would indeed call it nostalgia. The property you're talking about has a much higher level of consistent market saturation over decades.
    24. Aramonde
      Oh great another game with both Kano and Sonya like we needed to explore that storyline again. I have a feeling this roster will be as worse as X's or just marginally better.
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    25. Evil Canadian
      Evil Canadian
      Kano supremely owns whatever loser character you wish was in the game instead eheheheHHHEHHEHAHAHAAAH

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