Kano Revealed at Brazilian MK11 Event Konvocacao

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by HellblazerHawkman, Jan 31, 2019.

By HellblazerHawkman on Jan 31, 2019 at 5:36 PM
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    While we won't have the Kombat Kast to drop some Kabal on us for another week, that doesn't mean there isn't stuff going on and reveals coming out. Today we had a Brazilian MK11 reveal event that came out of nowhere (for us North American folks) that dropped some news on us after a few delays.


    Using this cover image because I'm writing this before the reveals actually happen. With that out of the way, let's talk news! Bear in mind, I don't speak Portuguese so I'm reliant on what was shown on video. And that was Kano, officially being revealed. Kano is also getting what looks to be be a region exclusive outfit? He gets a neat hat. We'll update with a character trailer when it comes out and image when it comes out, but that appears to be it. The game build and event was basically a repeat of the LA/London event, so you aren't missing too much from the stream. So yeah. KANO! Talk about that.

    Updated with Brazil skin and default:


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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by HellblazerHawkman, Jan 31, 2019.

    1. ImperatrixSindel
    2. NYJrax
      Love Kano, we need a trailer!
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    3. Circus
      I personally prefer this Kano over MKX.

      Maybe he isn't as badass looking, but thinner more sexy Kano is a boss, come on!
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    4. trufenix
      Cybernetic Kano in a game without run or armor would be a complete disaster. Then knives are getting dulled. Long live Commando!
    5. RothVI
      Shao Kahn has competition now
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    6. trufenix
      So thirsty this bonus reveal is sweet like candy. Hopefully he's ready for play on Tuesday so the belt battle can have two new characters! Kano is even Tyler's old main!
    7. Xelz
      Since this alternate costume was given to Kano, I wonder if that suggests Erron Black didn't make the roster? EB would've fit the costume better, being a gunslinger and all.
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    8. Lokheit
      With this being an extension of the Brazilian skin pack and Skarlett's being an extension of the Kold War pack, I wonder if the old skins are returning too. I disliked all the brazilian ones as they were either goofy or made no sense (a Chinese wearing the Braziil flag was too specific, Kung Lao's was ridiculous and soccer skin made no sense), but the Kold War skins were bad-ass.
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    9. Lokheit
      OTOH, Erron hat would be a custom item, while Kano doesn't have hats, so this skin having a hat needs a character that isn't going to change the hat constantly.
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    10. GLoRToR
      I can't take a shirtless character seriously because clothes have everything to do with taking a character seriously according to people and I'm one of those people.
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    11. Rathalos
      Your gonna get knived in the face from full screen and your gonna like it.
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    12. SubZeroIce
      Design looks really basic... but with customization, it doesn't matter.

      Don't know why they insist on including Kano in every game after mentioning how important character usage data is for when they select roster... seeing as Kano is always the lowest used character or among the lowest used out of the main roster.
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    13. pure.Wasted
      Because it is possible for two or more things to be important at the same time? And character usage data is just one of those things?

      Mk1/2/3 is Mortal Kombat, period, now and forever. You don't have to like it but it would make your relationship to MK a lot easier if you accept it.
    14. SaltShaker
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    15. Colares
      Brazil, Russia and China always had massive gaming market in terms of consumer but piracy took most of it or free MMORPG's. MKX already had a famous singer for Cassie's voice in the Brazillian version so I guess it works well.

      One thing I noticed is that MKX Kano's chest thing was more a hearth like Hsu Hao/Iron man while here it looks like a weapon strapped on.
    16. villainous monk
      villainous monk
      I don't give a shit about the costumes or aesthetics of my main man.

      I'm super excited. No extremely excited to have my dude back. He looks like a younger version of MK9 Kano & the 90's movie which is lit. This is a fresh dope looking Kano & I'm glad he's going to ball out in MK11

      I want him to be BETTER AND MORE WELL ROUNDED in all his variations this time around.

      #knifebois dun
    17. MrWarMachine
      was hoping someone else would take a slot not gonna lie, but he looks like Austin Aeries so it's cool
    18. ImperatrixSindel
      Seriously, people getting mad when the trilogy cast returns are never going to be happy with this franchise. Like it or not, we are running on nostalgia here a lot of the time.
    19. Afk Skinny
      Afk Skinny
      Cool, who's next?
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    20. villainous monk
      villainous monk
      I actually WANT this. Cybernetic was pure. honest. Could play the zoning game and the neutral game. He was and is a really really good design.

      It's just that that design was in the wrong game. I feel he would dominate in mk11 with that basic cyber and Cmd design.
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    21. HeavyNorse
      Couldn't help myself. Had to make a quick little photoshop edit. ;P

    22. Braindead
      top tier joke lmao
    23. MKF30
      Kano about to audition for a 90’s biker cop porn look lol
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    24. YoungTeezy 305
      YoungTeezy 305
      Shouldn't he be hairier? I mean not wooly or anything, but he looks like he shaved his body before his close up.

      Maybe he was bored and had his knife with him.:DOGE
    25. King Cash
      King Cash
      Mr. Slave Kano? Lmao
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