Kano Revealed at Brazilian MK11 Event Konvocacao

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by HellblazerHawkman, Jan 31, 2019.

By HellblazerHawkman on Jan 31, 2019 at 5:36 PM
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    While we won't have the Kombat Kast to drop some Kabal on us for another week, that doesn't mean there isn't stuff going on and reveals coming out. Today we had a Brazilian MK11 reveal event that came out of nowhere (for us North American folks) that dropped some news on us after a few delays.


    Using this cover image because I'm writing this before the reveals actually happen. With that out of the way, let's talk news! Bear in mind, I don't speak Portuguese so I'm reliant on what was shown on video. And that was Kano, officially being revealed. Kano is also getting what looks to be be a region exclusive outfit? He gets a neat hat. We'll update with a character trailer when it comes out and image when it comes out, but that appears to be it. The game build and event was basically a repeat of the LA/London event, so you aren't missing too much from the stream. So yeah. KANO! Talk about that.

    Updated with Brazil skin and default:


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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by HellblazerHawkman, Jan 31, 2019.

    1. zerosebaz
      We've only had the original 7 in a few games. I mean, Bi Han has missed a lot of games :p
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    2. Lokheit
      Too bad he already has 3 emblematic items to customize, that would be hilarious.
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    3. ImperatrixSindel
      oh huh you're right

      I DEMAND FUZZ @netherrealm
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    4. fr stack
      fr stack
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    5. sub_on_dubs
      Don't care for him too much, but I loved pissing people off using Cybernetic Kano in MKX.
    6. Guindaste78
      Sorry, but who is this guy. He actually looks like Kano.
      Brazil here, we do have this here, is he a WWE fighter?
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    7. Rice
      He is a wrestler called Austin Aries who was working for WWE for a short time.

      Actually looking at Kanos face more closely Kano looks imo even more like CM Punk.
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    8. MKF30
      So I've noticed on YT holy crap so many Brazilians getting offended because people are calling him "Pirate Kano" lmao...I'll download it once it becomes available here eventually, hard to take him seriously with that hat but it does look cool haha.
    9. Saboteur-6
      Wait is the "Pirate Kano" his default skin or is it the other one because I'm not feeling Cap'n Kano.

      Also, why is saying he looks like a pirate causing rage?
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    10. Metin

      Yeah, time to share this nostalgic Kano song by The Immortals.. Use your might, don't piss me off.. Finally Cassie will meet uncle Kano..
    11. Hara-Killer
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    12. Thracian_Priest
      Kano's design is too plain, too smooth. Needs some body hair and scars here and there. I want my hirsute mo-fo back. This smooth boy is a Kano cosplayer but not Kano himself.
    13. fr stack
      fr stack
      It has to be young kano . Maybe from a timeline where the black dragon doesnt get the mmmop
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    14. Nephrite
    15. Envythis
      I can imagine kanos brutals and fatalities being extremely brutal lol
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    16. Pizza
      Why are people mad? at least it wasn't Jarek
    17. NaCl man
      NaCl man
      Lol why the fuck is he a pirate
    18. Krankk
    19. NothingPersonal
      Turns out his real name is actually Onak. Nicely hidden by boon for 27 years.
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    20. Thracian_Priest
      Because Portugal and Brazil are pirate nations and NRS loves it. And we love it, because Pirate Kano > Barechested Hairless Kano ;) I want this skin. I want Kold War Skarlet. I want NRS to stop playing with my feelings.
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    21. StormGoddess
    22. NaCl man
      NaCl man
      Why is everybody so obsessed with chest hair round here.

      This place is weird
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    23. Guindaste78
      In MK11 the variation system allows you to add special moves to your variations (MK11 reveal build). If you take Kano in MKX, i.e. commando had different normals and strings, like Cutt Throat were different from Cybernetic.
      I guess we will be able to add some command grabs, but his core gameplay will be using knives and cybernetic gadgets.
    24. Pizza
      Some people are fetichists
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