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Discussion in 'Johnny Cage' started by Mikemetroid, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. The Worst is the EX Forceball which whiffs against almost the half of the roster while they block low. This is just cancer...
  2. IrishMantis

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    Yeah 11 whiffs vs half the cast

    Okay I'm exaggerating but it's a big deal when it does
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  3. ROG Mike

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    You're not exaggerating. 11 is a high/mid - how is it that high doesn't whiff and mid does? God damn.


    THIS! I just refuse to use ex forceballs on block anymore unless it's a suprise ex forceballs that I'm thinking could connect on hit.
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  4. ismael4790

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    Use fisticuffs and rejoice seeing how your speedbag mids randomly whiff, in patterns that depend on who you are facing. Glorious.


    GOOD DRAGON Awesometacular

    Also losses to HQT - better than johnny boy in almost every way apart from a non advancing 13F mid
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