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Discussion in 'Johnny Cage' started by Mikemetroid, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. Mikemetroid

    Mikemetroid MK Mythologies: Injustice 2
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    Use this thread to discuss about Johnny Cage!

    Post quick combos, quirks, and general discussion about Johnny Cage!
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  2. Mikemetroid

    Mikemetroid MK Mythologies: Injustice 2
    Moderator Premium Supporter

  3. a1-

    a1- Noob

    Any stable mid-screen combos without meter ?
  4. Epy69zSmallBoys

    Epy69zSmallBoys No respect for Kung Jin

    anybody found a bnb for fisticuffs?
  5. zHowieHD

    zHowieHD Caged

    I actually uploaded a few combos already and am currently working on more

    Heres a 31% Mid Screen With a NJP
    Mortal Kombat X Johnny Cage 31% Mid screen Combo 1 bar:
  6. zHowieHD

    zHowieHD Caged

    And heres another

    Mortal Kombat X Johnny Cage 33% Corner Combo 1 Bar:
  7. lm Tweakk

    lm Tweakk #BuffAntiAirs

    Only combo I've found useful midscreen so far is F24 D1 F3 nut punch. Nothing special but maybe a brick for others to build off of.
  8. HellblazerHawkman

    HellblazerHawkman Confused Thanagarian
    News Editor

    I spent like 5 minutes with him, so I might be missing something, but doesn't MB nut punch launch? So you could link another string off right?
  9. lm Tweakk

    lm Tweakk #BuffAntiAirs

    Yes , but honestly I don't think we should be looking for 1 bar bnb's at this point , considering meter is even more precious with 0 invincibility wake ups.
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  10. This is true! It is very hard to get up in this game and without meter, you're toast!
  11. lionheart21

    lionheart21 Day One Johnny Cage Main

    Its been a bit difficult for me to remember that Nutpunch is now DB3 instead of DB1. So many dropped combos.
  12. ethan1341

    ethan1341 Noob

    Have you guys found out good strings for pressure. I've been doing alot of 6YB then XY into 5A sorry I forget the button annotations.
  13. lionheart21

    lionheart21 Day One Johnny Cage Main

    Nope, nothing really all that great yet. Mainly trying to use his 12 string and build from there since its only 5 frames on startup.

    He's not the pressure character that he was in MK9, so pressure strings may be limited.
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  14. lm Tweakk

    lm Tweakk #BuffAntiAirs

    What the hell are you saying
  15. lionheart21

    lionheart21 Day One Johnny Cage Main

    Haven't had much time in Practice thus far, but from what I've been thus far, Stunt Double has been the most fun style to play as.
  16. User

    User #Yousuck

    This is the punish i've gotten to work in the corner with fisticuffs

    f4 nj3 f4 11 11 11 db3. It does 27%, so there's definitely probably better stuff.

    If you start with a NJ3, you can do f4, f4, f4, 11, 11, 11 db3 for 30%
  17. lionheart21

    lionheart21 Day One Johnny Cage Main

    One thing that I've noticed during Practice is that if you hit Cage's X-Ray while he still has a Stunt Double charge, the X-ray nullifies it, so you can't continue the combo with a Shadow Mimic Uppercut or Shadow Mimic Kick.
  18. User

    User #Yousuck

    Holy crap, literally all Johnny needs in the corner is 11 loops, the damage is insane

    Forward 24, down 1, jump 1, 11, 11, 11, 11, 11 xx backflip
  19. zHowieHD

    zHowieHD Caged

    The bnb i figured out can be worked in the corner with 12 loops.

    F24 D1 F24 Ex Nut Punch then 12 12 12 into shadow kick.
  20. RM AtK!

    RM AtK! aka - RM_AtK !
    Premium Supporter

    RM AtK
    RM AtK
    midscreen bnbs -
    F24 xx 1 or d1 f3 Nutpunch
    (the one i use) F24 xx d1 xx F24 Nutpunch

    Off of f4 launcher / anti air - F4 run cancel 11 or 12 xx run cancel 11 or 12 xx f3 Nutpunch
  21. NorCalSamurai

    NorCalSamurai Bacon Lettuce Tomato

    Lol, get bodied by anime notations.
    MK Notations:

    U - Up
    D- Down
    F - Forward
    B - Back

    Square/X - 1
    Triangle/Y - 2
    Cross/A - 3
    Circle/B - 4

    So what you put down transcribes to F24, 12, F3
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  22. lionheart21

    lionheart21 Day One Johnny Cage Main

    This one works in Stunt Double as well if you wanna switch out EX Nut Punch for a Shadow Mimic Uppercut to get a launcher without meterburn.
  23. Saionide

    Saionide Noob

    I've been getting insane damage off his jump ins and overheads when he has stunt doubles. The damage is insane.

    edit: i made a quick example:


    QUAN-FUSION Crotch-puncher

    That b12121212121212 string in fisticuffs is hectic for chip with the bump!

    I managed to get 10 hits, but it usually stops at 9?
  25. AK Stormthegates

    AK Stormthegates WOOLAY!!!!

    Anyone got tips on doing his F3[4] run cancels in A-list? This shit is DESTROYING my thumb lol.
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