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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Scyther, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Juggs

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    Faced a really good player, we had Scorpion mirrors. His GT was Redsoul I believe. He knew a little more than me but we were going back and forth.

    Footsies are actually possible in this game. I’m so happy. Scorpion does have a fuck neutral/footsie tool with his teleport, but it’s super unsafe unless you use defensive meter with the Boon’s Main Variation.

    Actually facing people playing footsies and using fundamentals is super fun in this game. Holy shit.
  2. igotAhalo

    igotAhalo Premium Supporter
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    Wow so that was whatsup... I kept trying to hit the block button for amplify. Lol
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  3. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    You can only amplify after the special move though? Can you cancel a special into interactable or something?
  4. STB Bodam

    STB Bodam BodamEscapePlan

    Sweet Lord, hide your women and children... it's PeckaPowa.
  5. igotAhalo

    igotAhalo Premium Supporter
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    Not sure, amplifying was weird in general to me, only played a couple matches so far and wasnt able to amplify anything
  6. Searsy82

    Searsy82 Noob

    Someone can tell me I’m crazy if they disagree, but to me it feels like a modern Mortal Kombat II. The pace of the game and heft of it feels akin to the first two games.
  7. SaltShaker

    SaltShaker In Zoning We Trust

    How do you combo escape?
  8. Kratilim

    Kratilim Noob

    That would be a dream. MK1 and MK2 have always been my fav MK games.
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  9. Kokoko

    Kokoko Somehow

    The game is fantastic, no doubt. Dashes suck, but everything else is great.
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  10. J_in_CA

    J_in_CA Noob

    I'm not someone who generally plays online but I will say so far I'm loving the game. I like the pacing better than MKX for sure and it just feels great to play overall. One thing I notice is that it's not as sharp on the PS4 Pro as injustice 2 was, not sure if the stress test includes Pro/One X enhancements or not but it does look a little blurrier.
  11. BurdaA

    BurdaA Tong Bae

    Someone just clipped this over on @Mr Aquaman ’s twitch
    49% 3 Krushing blows with Baraka
  12. Pterodactyl

    Pterodactyl Double Kahns, Double Briggs

    Scorpion didn’t seem that good to me at first.

    Then I fought a guy using his new stance with its mix-ups and cancels and it was one of the best matches so far.

    He has some nasty mixups, baits, and 50/50s with that.

    Except they’re all semi-reactable, so he could never go full Unga Bunga MKX style, he had to actually think about when and how to work them in and mix me so I wouldn’t start predicting.
  13. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    Main problem I’m having with Scorpion is that most of his strings are easily punished. Not only his strings but also his specials. I know he has a couple safe strings but without training mode I don’t how to do them. He’s more of a patient, reactionary footsie character I’ve found. He definitely has some offensive Mix potential, but so many things being unsafe and not being able to test it, against good players it’s hard to do anything but react to what they do.
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  14. Pterodactyl

    Pterodactyl Double Kahns, Double Briggs

    I’m hoping in the last two days people get better and better because the whole not being able to fight good people thing is a real problem.

    90% online of people don’t even know the universal mechanics, which is fair because this build doesn’t explain them.

    But the 3 or 4 people I fought he knew like we know, those fights have me so hype for what this game will be at high level.
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  15. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    The good thing so far for me is when I play good players they actually play for awhile.
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  16. Pterodactyl

    Pterodactyl Double Kahns, Double Briggs

    Big surprise:

    Been playing all day and have not seen one Rage quite, even when I stomp the absolute hell out of people nobody pulls the plug.
  17. Game feels great! Much more like MK9... but those crushing blows are real game changers! I've already lost a good handful of matches from them with one hit left on my opponent, makes for real exciting finishes .

    Side note..I got mandatoried to work tomorrow! Another 12 hours on top of 24 today lol... Thank God someone here has an Xbox
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  18. stokedAF

    stokedAF Noob

    I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. There are no mechanics or move list as far as I can tell. Aside from the abilities you pick of course. I have played 4 matches with 2 people and 2 characters, i won one of them. I did better with Baraka than scorpion.

    Once I actually know what I’m doing with a tutorial and movelist it’s going to be great. I like the feel, it felt good to beat projectile mix ups with Baraka. It’s so odd that they change everything and just say “here go figure shit out while someone is attacking you”.
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  19. Xelz

    Xelz Noob

    Maybe they introduced more anti-aliasing in their new/upgraded engine? That could smooth edges and pixelation at the cost of sharpness. It'd be great if Digital Foundry analyzes this beta build. I
  20. Marlow

    Marlow Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Finally got home and had a chance to play for about an hour. Lotta fun, even though all I know how to do is hit normals, throw, and fatal blow.
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  21. JontyHar23

    JontyHar23 Never Stop Improving

    I've played over 59 matches today, and I have to say that movement feels better than I anticipated. It felt a little stiff and slow at first, but once I'd gotten a feel for the overall groove of everything it seemed i flow smoothly. Dashes and walk speeds remind me more of MK9 than MKX. Plenty of normals and strings cover a bit of space, which seem to compliment walk speeds and dashes. I'm in love with this game so far.
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  22. FunnyMan

    FunnyMan Noob

    I've only played Skarlet so far but I'm having a lot of fun and the game feels a lot better than expected. The mechanics are taking a bit of getting used to since imnlearning them on the fly. hopefully rhe full game will have a nice tutorial of how thebmechanics work exactlt. I won't lie I wasn't the biggest fan of MKX (liked MK9 a lot more gameplay wise) so I'm enjoying the footsie based approach. Really want to try out Baraka soon but don't feel like getting my ass beat while I navigate menus right this second lol.
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  23. They don’t feel BAD, they just make you rethink your spacing a little more, and rely on normals in terms of getting in. It’s just whether or not it’s worth your time to get in like that or not
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  24. Gamer68

    Gamer68 *Stares blankly*

    So I've played maybe a little over 3 hours so far. Mainly played as Scorpion but also played Baraka a little. Didn't play any Skarlet.

    The biggest realization I've had is that this game is nothing like what some of the influencers who've played it said it was like. It doesn't feel like Injustice 2 AT ALL to me, and there have been more mix-ups and combos than I was expecting. A lot of the mix-ups seem pretty unsafe, but that's probably how it should be. Also, even though the matches are slow-paced, the round timer is set on 90 seconds which is the same amount of time MKX rounds were -- so it's literally impossible for matches to take longer than MKX matches. Rounds in MKX were usually completed faster, but overall matches are capped at the same amount of time in both games.

    Scorpion is a lot of fun to me. In other games he's usually pretty boring to me, but this time he's a lot of fun. I was using the Chain Reaction variation at first, but I've actually found that Fire Breathing (or whatever it's called) is a little better. At least in my opinion. I did notice that the variation didn't have all of it's move slots used, so I added the Fire Ball to complement the dash attack and fire breath. Having these attacks along with the teleport and spear he has in his base moveset makes him pretty versatile.

    My only gripes with the game so far is that uppercuts don't really feel like they should in my opinion. When you hit someone with them it just doesn't have as satisfying of a sound as other MK games and they are launched very vertically instead of across the screen like in the past few games. That, and I think it wouldn't hurt if dashes were a little faster. The movement in the game feels a lot better than I was expecting, but dashes feeling borderline useless is a little weird to me. I wish there were more playable characters, but a test is a test so it's not that big of a deal.

    Can't wait for the full game. So far everything seems really good to me besides a couple small personal dislikes.
  25. Jhonnykiller45

    Jhonnykiller45 Shirai Ryu

    Can we talk about how damn good the netcode for this game is? I played a bunch of 200~ ping matches and the vast majority of them ran pretty decent. Only times when it gets bad is if the ping is above 200 or on wifi.

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