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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Scyther, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Jhonnykiller45

    Jhonnykiller45 Shirai Ryu

    My god Krushing Blow kombos are soooo satisfying. I did a sick-ass 3 KB 40%+ kombo with Scorpion and it looked so cool, shame I couldn't record it.
  2. Scyther

    Scyther Mortal Kombat-phile
    Premium Supporter

    Not very fast at all. Better just to walk, honestly.
  3. TackyHaddock

    TackyHaddock Salty Mashers Krew
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    Damn, was hoping they would at least mildly buff those
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  4. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    My initial impressions is that I love the game. Had a long set with a guy named “Eyedol” so was able to learn a lot. Scorpion has pretty easy BnB that can be extended if you amplify it. Really wish the teleport cancel that you can do with Boon’s Main variation didn’t cost 2 defensive meters, it’s not that great to cost 2 imo. I think if you have to make it cost meter, it should only be one.

    Baraka has some insane specials on that Bone variation. Like his bone spikes are insanely good and quick. You also can anti air with them, which I think is there initial purpose.

    Skarlet has too much going on for me to learn yet.

    As far as online, it’s been great so far. Really only one laggy match. Not noticing any delay either, which is nice.
  5. Pterodactyl

    Pterodactyl Double Kahns, Double Briggs

    Feels like backdashing is riskier than ever, which I like, given how zoning is viable(but not OP or overly abusable like some people worried). Forward dashing is pretty stubby but it’s honesty not that big a deal because of how many forward moving strings and specials there are.
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  6. portent

    portent Noob

    Surprisingly I got a code.

    Quick impressions:

    I play scorpion, I have since mk1.

    1. Super fun game, very old school feeling. Very space control feeling for me.

    2. As feared, the change of the amplify button to the interact button is causing a TON of accidental interactions for me. HUGE negative!!!

    3. Input timing is very odd for some amplify moves. Amplify heliport works sometimes and doesn’t other times...and I have meter to do it. Could be bc of online only but def need to play in the lab to learn rather than on the fly with limited knowledge.
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  7. RonnyRAGE

    RonnyRAGE Noob

    Wow my first match was against a guy who already had 92 wins. How did he already play that many matches. The game looks and plays amazing. It is noticeably slower than MKXL but feels a lot like MK9.

    Most importantly I live in Germany. All my matches have had perfect connections. No issues and I've been playing mostly American's, 2 Brits and a guy from Portugal with a barking dog. I'm on a Xbox One X

    Tier list
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  8. Well I played against a Skarlet player as Baraka and I have to say Skarlet hits hard haha. Baraka is also fun as hell, I’ll probably main him down the line. But as a first impression I would say that the game has great customization, variety, and I’m loving krushing blows. Also, fatal blows aren’t that bad since they are easy to interrupt and you can out zone/footsie your opponent to hit them before they use it in the first place. The game feels fluid, combos feel natural, and the gore is on point. Haven’t seen much of flawless block or defensive meter unfortunately but I’ll try using it and I’ll hopefully see it more. Excited for the beta and release day
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  9. Spinky

    Spinky F4 bois

    Barely touched anyone other than Baraka. He's mad fun and hits like a truck.

    Really, really liking how this plays so far. Big fan of the Krushing Blow system.

    Also Skarlet zoning has me traumatised.
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  10. mikeraskol

    mikeraskol Beverly Hills High Class of 2010 Valedictorian

    Are you sure you're doing them right? I haven't had this problem - and 16Bit explicitly said they avoided it by having you press amplify once the move has started or connects for the most part, in which case you can't possibly be activating an interactable. Granted I've only played like 10 matches but this was absolutely a non-issue.
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  11. Peckapowa

    Peckapowa Noob

    Skarlets zoning kit is godlike her kit overall is seems like really strong. I like how the normal feel like they all have weight/use
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  12. Bucketfeet

    Bucketfeet Noob

    How did you get a code outside of the US? Just curious.... coz I want one!
  13. Marinjuana

    Marinjuana Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes

    I've never been more impressed with a FG from the first few matches
  14. The Ultimate

    The Ultimate aka CommandThrower

    I really like the way it felt. Spacing and footsies are the name of the game in MK11, and I think they feel good in this game so far. Dashing feels like it's nonexistent, but the walk speeds make up for it.

    I'll be excited to play the full game!
  15. Pterodactyl

    Pterodactyl Double Kahns, Double Briggs

    Surprisingly out of all of my matches, only a handful of people actually used custom variations.
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  16. Pterodactyl

    Pterodactyl Double Kahns, Double Briggs

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, after being one of the biggest opposers this entire time but:

    I think if all the movesets are this balanced, I think custom variations could be entirely fine in ranked and maybe even tourney.

    From what we’ve seen the characters seem to have around 3 variations worth of tools anyway, so you won’t actually have to learn more moves matchup-wise.
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  17. portent

    portent Noob

    I'll have to try again, maybe my timing is off.
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  18. lionheart21

    lionheart21 Day One Johnny Cage Main

    Good to know, I was wondering about that as well
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  19. lionheart21

    lionheart21 Day One Johnny Cage Main

    From how that sounds, dashing may be just limited to dash cancels.
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  20. Scyther

    Scyther Mortal Kombat-phile
    Premium Supporter

    After playing several more matches, I think I can safely say zoning doesn't feel like it's over-the-top. It's good, but doesn't dominate. Skarlet definitely seems like the best zoner at the moment.

    Also, there's a Baraka variation (I think Bone?) that absolutely took me down. Hard. I'd lost over half my health before I even knew what'd happened lol
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  21. STB Bodam

    STB Bodam BodamEscapePlan

    I really like the "slow" pacing of it because it feels like it'll be heavy footsies type of game but also can pop off and become chaotic at any second. This game is going to be so fun to play and just an absolute blast to watch it being played at the highest level.

    ... and with that said, I feel like there is hope for me to not be garbage (like I was in MKX) and be able to compete with some of you guys like I was able to in MK9 (well, as far as Rain/Noob Saibot could take me in MK9 lol)
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  22. The Ultimate

    The Ultimate aka CommandThrower

    Skarlet's zoning definitely feels like it's really strong. Blood Tentacle is a really good move. I was against a Skarlet, and when she started zoning me, it was a bit of a struggle. I also couldn't figure out how to handle D4 into close Tentacle.

    Just something to lab when I get the game.
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  23. These impressions sound amazing. I think I honestly prefer how 9 plays compared to X. Won't be able to play until Sunday though.

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  24. Searsy82

    Searsy82 Noob

    I just played about 10 matches and repeatedly got my shit pushed in. But overall It feels.....heavy. In a good way.
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  25. STB Bodam

    STB Bodam BodamEscapePlan

    With you on this 100%.

    While I really like playing MKX; the wonky dashing/movements, finicky run combos, and lack of Rain/Noob Saibot just didn't do it how MK9 did for me.

    That said, I am so excited for MK11! It plays so good. It just feels so good. I love the character customization and absolutely adore the pick 3 moves system; plus you can name your variations! How frickin' cool is that!?
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