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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Scyther, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Scyther

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    Figured this might be a good thread to start.

    Okay, April 23rd cannot come soon enough. After 19 matches (15/4 btw :D), my initial impression is that MK 11 kicks ass. It feels a lot like I remember MK 9 feeling, and for me, that's a great thing. I love the neutral game, although I will say that it feels like Baraka is strongly at a disadvantage when it comes to countering zoning. Scorpion feels like the easiest character to play (no surprise there lol), but not really overpowered. His combos just feel like they flow extremely well, even for having very little hands-on time with him. Skarlet is a thrill to play as well, and boy does she have range on her side.

    The stages are lovely, of course, although the music doesn't come through all that well. Combos overall are definitely toned down, but feel more natural and make for a more interesting (and lengthy) match, where the victory isn't decided in the first five seconds of the match...although the Scorpion player that handed me my 4 losses made real quick work of me at the start of every match lol

    Being overly aggressive can come back to bite you in the ass if you're not careful, and you will be punished for making reckless moves (I made a lot, but being that it was a beta test, I just wanted to have fun and jump into the action constantly XD).

    Overall, I'd give MK 11 a 9/10 based solely on the stress test matches I've played. Obviously the full game may be tweaked or slightly different, but so far so good imo!

    I'll be uploading some content to Youtube and linking it to the appropriate thread soon, if you want to take a look (and maybe have some laughs at a few of my "I don't know how to play this game atm" antics lol).
  2. I saw Baraka crouch agains NJK and the opponent wiffed. On the way down. Holy shit.
  3. I just hope Scorpion isn’t the most played character like he was in MKX, even if he plays significantly different. Baraka seems strong up close and has a great lunge attack to close space for his zoning weaknesses, and I agree on Skarlet seeming strong with her range.
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  4. Scorpion will always be the most played. He’s MK mascot lol
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  5. Afk Skinny

    Afk Skinny rabbit ears up rabbit paws in rabbit troop forever

    I can see where the complaints of it feeling slow come from. But after playing more it felt pretty good. 23rd really needs to get here. Gotdamn man. And I'm feeling Skarlet
  6. MKF30

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    Look forward to reading everyone's impressions, I'll give mine little later.
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  7. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior

    The most played, sure.

    Mascot? Nah fam.

    Who's the only character that's been in EVERY MK title? Oh right, not scorpion.
    Sub-Zero ;)
  8. xXRagingFlameXx

    xXRagingFlameXx You'll Float Too

    Who's literally Netherrealm's logo? Oh right, not Sub-Zero.
    Scorpion ;)

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  9. Xelz

    Xelz Noob

    Scorpion is NRS' Harlem Globetrotters and Sub Zero is their Washington Generals.
  10. MrWarMachine

    MrWarMachine Jacqui/D'Vorah 2020

    just based on the gameplay I've been watching (god bless u twitch streamers) the damage output on Skarlet is crazy, she really is top tier af
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  11. Vslayer

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    To be fair, that's 'cause it's Ed's fave.
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  12. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior

    Who had their own solo game? oh right, not scorpion.
  13. VSC_Supreme

    VSC_Supreme TYM's No. One L taker.

    Jax is the real mascot, Shout outs to MK:Special Forces
  14. LawAbidingCitizen

    LawAbidingCitizen "I will bring you nothing but death" - Noob Saibot

    What gives you the impression combos are toned down?
    What is your longest and highest damage combo with Scarlet so far? The best I've seen so far is 16hits at 46% damage midscreen.
  15. SCMunnerlyn1

    SCMunnerlyn1 You should have respected my Authoritah!

    Been playing Baraka on the stress test. I agree his counter game feels weak. Could just be that scorpion is just that much faster. But it felt like i had to work a lot harder for it.
  16. Yeah, but technically not the same Sub Zero. To me Liu Kang is the mascot cause he’s Dragon (MK logo)
  17. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    From what im seeing on Mr Aquaman's stream, you can access the movelist in mid match or during the intros. Basically, anytime during the match the movelist is accessible which is nice.

    Baraka seems strong as fuck regardless of his projectile nerfed into a high you can still Amplify for the 2nd projectile to be a mid.

    The speed of the game definitely looks better now.

    Blue Skarlet looks beautiful

    And Scorpion is a combo beast.
  18. Irishcyke

    Irishcyke Noob

    They are 100 percent gonna nerf Skarlet's damage, it's too high.
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  19. Vslayer

    Vslayer Ask me about my Cassie Cage Agenda
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    The biggest change you'll notice when playing is how the game feels slow, like the movement overall as everyone was saying, but it's really really smooth and feels great.
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  20. pure.Wasted

    pure.Wasted 'ello baby, did you miss me?

    Link LINK linklinklink Link link?
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  21. LawAbidingCitizen

    LawAbidingCitizen "I will bring you nothing but death" - Noob Saibot

    I don't have a link it was on K&Ms stream live. It was an online opponent that did the combo on Mustard.
    I'm sure after the stream they will upload it and we will get to pick it apart and make combo vids and Gifs.

    Right now I'm watching MK_REO (Baraka) twitch he is playing with Dragon (Scarlet).

    I can't find K&M's TYM tags. If anyone knows it please tag em and ask them to please share the video when it's live.
    @REO will you post your live online stress test to TYM when you are done.
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  22. Pterodactyl

    Pterodactyl Double Kahns, Double Briggs

    Oh my god it’s so goooood.

    Everything feels fair, every time I came across something I initially thought seemed scummy I just took a second to think about my tools and the universal mechanics and I found out how to deal with it.

    I don’t really feel the slowness people were worried about, it feels normal to me, compared to MKX’s beyond normal speed. Baraka mirrors especially felt around MK9 speed.
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  23. LawAbidingCitizen

    LawAbidingCitizen "I will bring you nothing but death" - Noob Saibot

    Thank you for that. Have you used Scorpion and Scarlet yet?
    I'm hearing Scorpions B141 has SpecialCancel removed even though movelist shows 34 frames of cancel advantage.

    When you get the chance can you post your highest+Longest combo with all three.

    What's your opinion on Neutral, Combos, Flawless Block, Krushing Blow, Meter system?
  24. Pterodactyl

    Pterodactyl Double Kahns, Double Briggs

    Nah, I’ve just been stabbing the shit out of people with Baraka all day.

    I want to try them eventually but he just feels so fun and satisfying he’s hard to put down.
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  25. TackyHaddock

    TackyHaddock Salty Mashers Krew
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    How good/bad do backdashes and forward dashes feel?
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