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Fujin Discussion Thread


This is the first time I’ve said this in an NRS game...but sky walka just might be too execution heavy for me lol. I like V1, but it’s so clearly worse. I haven’t played a ton of difficult characters in the past necessarily, but this is a struggle for me.

Maybe I’m spoiled by this game though, because most characters I just mess around in practice and stumble upon bnbs.
hey dude - but still too cool not to play. i am not great at execution and i am being training him almost since release and could not hit the big combos constantly but now i think i am there

couple of tips

take it easy with him - the character haves so much to offer - so learn easier combos and extend them gradually but also use his other tools restand etc. (he is still fun even without the biggest combos even if you like combo heavy characters - trust me i am like that)

also i cancel out of sky walker a mili second before it hits the second or third time - this leaves him highest in the air

i always thought, that the cancel timing is hard but its not - it is the cancel combined with 42DB2 right afterwards. 42DB2 seems easy by itself right? no. try to cancel skywalker into 34crossbow and you will see how much easier that is.

the problem with 42DB2 is that both the special and the normal include 2. the trick is that you don t have to input 2 in DB2, just DB since it registers the 2 from 42. to me personally this changed / made the execution much easier
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Ive been trying to nail the best ways to deal with mindless stompers with v1 fujin. This all works fine and dandy but v1 sheeva makes this all interesting with the delay. If you wait too late or just do normal db2 (no advancing or retreating) it trades.

anyone got tips on how to stuff the v1 stomps?

Edit; This was a dumb question, and would require a delorean going 88 mph to see where in the future they are going to stomp.

The conversions also work with highborns tele kick and upgraded’s bounce.
Highborn destroys Sheeva. That’s why I’m trying Fujin bc he has a good backdash to get out of her fan pressure


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Highborn destroys Sheeva. That’s why I’m trying Fujin bc he has a good backdash to get out of her fan pressure
the only reason I mentioned highborn was to state that the db2 AA conversions in downburst work with tele kick too. It’s gotta be a bit of a read though because if you do it too late when you see the sai come out, you get smacked. But if you get it, then you can get 34% (optimal) off a one bar conversion.


usally i got almost all skins , gear, taunts etc. for my mains , but am still missing quite a lot for fujin. any tips?
Which variation do you use? I am stuck between v1 combo damage and v2 safety
Definitely V2 because not only does needle give you safety, it gives you great chip and a mind game that can allow you to steal back your turn. Sky wakka gives you combos, cancel mindgames, a drop kick, and a way to escape the corner.