1. Gunnxr


    I want this to be a place to discuss anything related to Fujin's match-ups. Whether that means match-up scores, tech for certain matchups, annoying things about certain matchups, or anything else is completely up to you guys. Fujin is by far the character I have spent the most time with out of...
  2. Arqwart

    Meterless Cyclone Combo Guide

    I wanted to make this its own thread so people can easily reference it instead of having to dig through the general discussion. Fujin is capable of comboing off Cyclone meterlessly. The trick to doing so requires wasting the first second or so of the Cyclone animation to hit the opponent...
  3. Arqwart

    Fujin Discussion Thread

    Lowkey surprised this hasn't been made yet. Anyhow, this thread is for discussing our long-awaited God of Wind, Fujin! Only having shown up in MK4 and Armageddon, Fujin has huge potential for bringing his style and skill set into the modern NRS MK era. Our boy's lookin snazzy with his long...