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Fujin Discussion Thread


"Be gone destroyer!"
Helpful knowledge for fujin players.

With airsenal and sky wakka equipped he has a mid screen optimal that you’ve probably seen Han Rashid do where the sky wakka crosses the opponent up off of certain starters:

Close b11212
12 (not against geras)

The inputs are tricky but it’s the following.

b3 sky wakka amplify for two hit hits, air tornado (hold the direction facing opposite your opponent until you hear the sound of the tornado connect) then hold the other direction - jump 2 - 12 - db4.

I’ve watched hayatei mess this up on a Sonya players. Apparently this optimal will only work on male characters or average hit box characters.

I know fujin doesn’t get a lot of play but for anyone attempting this optimal, the pop up isn’t high enough on small female hit boxes off air tornado to complete.


"Be gone destroyer!"
For meterless corner combos? The only meterless corner combos you can get from starters 12, 42, and 11 is when you do the instant skywakka into tornado. However, b11212 can combo into tornado in the corner but you have to pay attention to spacing. If you are extremely close to opponent then you have to first back the tornado and then move it forward. If you are at max b11212 range then you have to move the tornado slightly forward. After you get the launch you can just do 12 ender but if you want to be optimal you can sneak at least two d1s in there. F3 into tornado also works in the corner but its also spacing dependent.
Fujin can combo off most strings with sky wakka and airsenal in the corner. The trick is an instant air tornado and holding back immediately - you can try to get up to 3 d1’s typically followed by 12 db4 or if you have the execution 2312 db4 but it’s tight.