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D'Vorah Revealed for Mortal Kombat 11


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Mods can delete this thread. Posted at the same time, but the other one has pics and more discussion.


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I'm glad she's back and I honestly wasn't expecting this. Skarlet seems to use some of the sounds D'Vorah used in MKX, so I thought maybe that was a sign she wasn't in and they were just going to salvage stuff from her... Nope.

This also ends the speculation that Cassie will be the only returning MKX character. I fully expect Kotal Kahn and maybe another character or two from MKX now.


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She literally looks so fucking sick I love it. If we don't get Sheeva in the game I'd 100% be fine with D'Vorah cause of how monstrous they made her look. Top 3 designs so far.

Hoping we get a gameplay trailer for her today cause supposedly she has one of the coolest fatalities in the game.

Honestly, the best new character to come out of MKX alongside Cassie Cage. This roster has yet to disappoint me. Strictly because of how dope these designs are. Ugh, NRS stepping their game up.

She genuinely looks kinda scary.