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D'Vorah Revealed for Mortal Kombat 11


How could you tell?
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nice, she look much more sinister and vicious than MKX ! really surprised, did not expected her to be in MK 11 ! let's wait for her gameplay !

Saint Op Omen

Savagely beating his super-ego with his id...
niiiiice. . love the terrifying look can't wait to see the rest of its skins...

so with the reveals from this week all the leaks are wrong now right?

Eddy Wang

Skarlet scientist
Skarlet's Natural Foe enters the game, i'm literaly excited to see the conversations now.

For those who doesn't know, Skarlet can't absord D'vorah's blood because its toxic to her, it slows her down, and can even paralise her for a short time and debuff her.

Really nasty stuff.


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I'm.. not in love with this? lol. Didn't feel like she needed to return after X, but whatevs. I do like her design more, so far. They made her look ridiculously disgusting which I like.