1. Syzoth

    Cooking With Baraka - The Berserker Baraka Guide

    Video Guide The link leads to a video with the same exact information, though this may be a bit more detailed. The first 45 seconds are all memes and hilarious. Check it out! Berserker Baraka Why Me? At the time I picked up this variation it was the least represented of...
  2. Biggs

    Reiko's Kara Clock Kick

    Here is a short video covering one of Reiko's staple techniques.
  3. R

    Help on how to play half decent

    , I'm looking for some serious tutorial help please. I am currently starting to play on the Kombat League and all I want to do is go up the ranks to collect gear, I'm not bothered about actually competing to be the best but I'm struggling to win any fights. Can anyone please help me, even if it...
  4. S

    A Kollector Full guide ... again lol

    Sorry, for anyone wondering, the video didn't work well before so i had to re-upload it and restart the premiere. For anyone interested, it's gonna go live in 4 minutes and in the meanwhile imma leave the link here. Should be useful for anyone interested n the character =)
  5. S

    A Kollector Full Guide

    Hi everyone u_u i started to make some tutorials for MK or rather, this is the first one i make on the game although i already played for quite a while. It's gonna go live in about 4 hours so ... if u wanna hop in and chat while watching , feel free to stop by and if it starts going maybe i can...
  6. Cheesus

    Jax Arm Heat Guide

    Hello TYM, I've been mostly a lurker since 2011 and have had a good time and learned alot on this site. I decided to start contributing and helping out with tech. This is my first tutorial so it's not going to be great. Feel free to share constructive criticism, as I want to get good at this...
  7. Tanya-Fan-28

    Question - Hellfire Help with Timing within Exuting the Takedown Special Move Kombo in Tutorial

    I have been stuck on this for a while, I am not sure exactly when the right time to press the buttons is (<-+1, 2, <- ->+4) the combo comes out but the tutorial doesn't move on. The backgrou d music has stopped as well. No matter how fast or how 'chorepgraphed' I choose to input the buttons the...
  8. ShArp

    HOLD THAT MIX - Kid Buu's pressure/mixup Thread

    So I thought it would be cool to have a separate thread for KB to discuss and share his mixup/pressure options. Feel free to share your vids, tech etc. Here are some of mine. Mixup and pressure options. Applying those in real matches.
  9. HellblazerHawkman

    Video/Tutorial Push Block Paper Scissors: Training Room and FGC Lingo with Darth Arma

    Feel like you don't understand the tools in Practice Mode? Not sure how to make the best of your time in the training room? Don't worry, Darth Arma has you covered with the latest episode of Push Block Paper Scissors. In episode 8, Arma goes over what does what in Practice and how you can...
  10. HellblazerHawkman

    Breakdown of Enchantress' Curses with bc Honeybee

    What's the best part about playing Enchantress? Those sweet, sweet curses that place debuffs on your opponent. What's the most confusing part about playing Enchantress? Those sweet, sweet curses with runic names that don't seem to relate to what they actually do. If you are having a hard time...
  11. HellblazerHawkman

    Video/Tutorial Push Block Paper Scissors: The Art of Pressure with Darth Arma

    A lot of us understand what frame data means at the basic level: if you have a bigger number than the other guy after your hit, you can do a thing first. But how many of us know how to apply it? What to do when you are under pressure from plus frames? How to manipulate your opponent into...
  12. bcfighting

    Swamp Thing Combos & Tips with DJA Homies

    Injustice 2 pro DJA Homies stops by the Body Count Fighting studios to share some of his favorite Swamp Thing combos & tips in the latest installment of Hitbox.
  13. Wrenchfarm

    Punishing Sub-Zero's ice clone cancels

    Hey all. I made a quick video looking at different characters options when dealing with Sub-Zero's ice clone pressure. I'm sure these options are A) already known, and B) there are probably even better ways to deal with it out there. Hopefully this is still somewhat helpful.
  14. bcfighting

    Batman Tips with Cheeko

    Injustice 2 player Cheeko shares Batman tips with the Body Count Fighting team on the latest installment of Hitbox.
  15. bcfighting

    Green Lantern Tips with BushinStyle

    Injustice 2 player BushinStyle stops by Body Count Fighting to share his best Green Lantern tips on the latest installment of Hitbox.
  16. The Philocypher

    Beginner's Guide To Atrocitus

    Hey guys, I'm new to the channel and trying to improve at IJ2. I'm hoping that I can start to do more character breakdowns to help me learn the characters. If you have any input or if this was useful please let me know. I'm taking this game very serious. (I want to win some smaller tournaments)...
  17. bcfighting

    Wonder Woman Tips with JessR

    Hey Guys, We recently shot this Wonder Woman Tips video with JessR as part of our recurring "Hitbox"/Pro Tips segment. Hope you enjoy!
  18. bcfighting

    Catwoman Tips with Krayzie

    Hey Guys, We recently shot this Catwoman Tips video with Krayzie as part of our recurring "Hitbox"/Pro Tips segment. Hope you enjoy! Click to read more!
  19. bcfighting

    Bane Tips with Zack Rob

    Hey Guys, We recently shot this Bane Tips video with Zack Rob as part of our recurring "Hitbox"/Pro Tips segment. Hope you enjoy!
  20. PND_Ketchup

    K&M Present - Getting Started: Deadshot

    Hey folks! I'm already getting Deja Vu with this stuff, but our latest addition to the "Getting Started" series features Deadshot. Happy to put some of my writeup sections into video form at last, but some of what I listed in the old thread is no longer possible in the build we played. One...