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Punishing Sub-Zero's ice clone cancels


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Hey all. I made a quick video looking at different characters options when dealing with Sub-Zero's ice clone pressure. I'm sure these options are A) already known, and B) there are probably even better ways to deal with it out there.

Hopefully this is still somewhat helpful.


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Good video @Wrechfarm .Cyborg could probably do EX NB to get past it, but I need to test it though
Thanks! I did test Cyborg's MB fireball and unfortunately it goes over Sub's head. I forgot to try an MB shot in the air though, so maybe that would work?


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Nice video! I was looking for some new Batman tech and instead I got "screw Batman" haha


Swamp thing can do d4 into mb db3 for full combo.
Assuming you mean "d3 into MB bf3", he can't do that against f2,2~clone. ST's d3 is 2-hitting move and you can only special cancel it if the first hit(closer one) connects. After f2,2~clone Sub-Zero is too far away for the first hit so the d3 just knocks him down. It might work against other clone cancels however.