Guide - Wrestler MKX - Jax Wrestler - Advanced Tutorial by FIGHTNOW!

    I hope it'll be helpful! This is my second tutorial in that style. Please lemme know if i missed something ;)

    Guide - Commando MKX - Kano Commando - Tutorial + Online Matches by FIGHTNOW!

    This is my first tutorial in this style, i hope you'll enjoy it and it'll helpful for you! Tell me if i missed something! (tell me how bad is this? :/) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Tutorial in Action (Online Matches): And guys, if you wanna see some...
  3. Eddy Wang

    Guide - Ninjitsu Ninjutsu Scorpion Guide 2.0

    SCORPION NINJUTSU Guide 2.0 Summary: 1. Introductory Note. 1.1. Best Normals and Strings (Introductory Note). 1.2. Pokes. 1.2. Normals. 1.4. Favorable Strings. 2. Special Moves. 2.1. Meterless Special Moves. 2.2. Metered Special Moves. 3. Strategies. 3.1. General strategy concept. 3.2. Safe...