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Video/Tutorial Push Block Paper Scissors: The Art of Pressure with Darth Arma


Confused Thanagarian
News Editor

A lot of us understand what frame data means at the basic level: if you have a bigger number than the other guy after your hit, you can do a thing first. But how many of us know how to apply it? What to do when you are under pressure from plus frames? How to manipulate your opponent into certain behaviors because they may or may not be at plus frames? If you are looking to step your pressure game up, Darth Arma has got you covered.

In the latest episode of his "Push Block Paper Scissors" series, Arma discusses this very topic, going over the basics and analyzing match footage between Echo Fox Theo, Rogue Slayer and ALG Dragon. Primarily using Batman, Superman and Black Adam as the focus of his discussion, this is still a great video to watch if you are looking for tips on stepping up your Injustice 2 game. If you liked what you saw and want to see more, follow Darth Arma on Twitter and subscribe to his Youtube so you can catch the next episode of "Push Block Paper Scissors" when it goes live.