1. Murilima

    Are MK11 Becoming a M.U.G.E.N.? The Problem of Guest Characters

    The guest character is not a problem itself, on the other hand, the number of those characters is. I not against those characters at all. Have Freddy in MK9 was awesome! Two guest characters... ok three, even three is a good number, I can live with that. But FIVE characters are just TOO MUCH...
  2. KutlessMyth

    Who has the greatest walkspeed in the game?

    I was just wondering if anyone ever ranked character's walkspeeds in the game. So far I know that Jade, Johnny, and Sub have above average walkspeeds, but who's got the most pep in their step?
  3. MKF30

    Would you still want to see your favorite character in the game even if they played horribly?

    Just a curious question. We all have our favs, some made the cut, others did not and then there are some lucky enough to make it in via DLC or planned DLC. Pretty straight forward. Would you want your favorite MK character in there for the sake of just making the cut EVEN if they were low tier...
  4. Scyther

    Reveal Schedule (Theory)

    Hey everyone! First thread ^^ So, I was thinking, if we have ~9 weeks left before the Beta is released, and there's 18 characters left to reveal, it feels like a safe bet we'll get at least 1 character reveal per week, if not two (if NRS is going to release the full roster by the time the Beta...
  5. MK2D

    Your most wanted Kharacter reveals?

    Looking forward to Nightwolf, Kabal, Mileena and Reptile. I’d also love if Tremor made the cut but doubt he will.
  6. JaysonTatyums

    NRS Noob w/ Questions regarding character archetypes

    Hey all, don't know much about MK or NRS games in general but MK11 looks like one of the better fighting games released in recent years. I have been disappointed by other fighters recently and I'm desperately looking for something worthwhile that I can really sink my teeth into. Sorry about the...
  7. fireborg

    Unsafe thread!

    Hey all, how about a thread with must punish moves by all the characters? here are a couple of first ones: you should be basically able to punish these moves with your quick normal 4 sure ATRO F223 F221+3 Blood – nado ADAM D3 B12 Black magic CANARY F133 Canary Drop (tested with...
  8. Roy Arkon

    Sub-Zero Match-up discussion

    Now that Sub-Zero is out for a while, I think it is a good time to discuss what are the good and bad MU's for Sub-Zero and what couls be good secondary characters to cover the bad ones. Let the discussion begin :) I will start by saying that he is good against Deadshot as he can Slide under...
  9. SithLaird

    I might have a new way to rank up characters fast

    I might have a new way to rank characters up quickly. I'll hopefully be able to test later and update here. If anyone wants to try: if you have another account with a lvl 20 character or a friend online with a lvl 20 character, fight them. I believe the new XP system gives more XP against equal...
  10. RevonKnight

    Healthpoints, do they mean anything?

    I just went into practice and did the same combo to different characters and they all lost the same ammount of health, and the combo damage actually changes depending on what character you are doing it on. So is it really necessary to even have different healthpoints for all characters at all?
  11. W

    Question - TriBorg Sektor main looking for secondary character suggestions

    I'm a fairly decent casual sektor player looking for a secondary to help with his worst matchups. At this point I almost exclusively play sektor. I struggle against Kitana, Mileena, Cassie, and Mystic Ermac, maybe a few others I forget. I've been practicing Crystalline a bit, but I'm not sure...
  12. FIGHTN0W

    Injustice Matches with Characters that'll be in the Second Game!

    So while we are waiting for Injustice 2, let's remember some of the characters that returns! Heres my favorites: Please, post you favorite returning character matches or footage!