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Would you still want to see your favorite character in the game even if they played horribly?

Would you still want your FAVORITE character in the game even if they played horribly?

  • Yes, better to have them in there then not at all

    Votes: 49 58.3%
  • No, what's the point if they're going to disrespect them

    Votes: 24 28.6%
  • Undecided, hard to say

    Votes: 11 13.1%

  • Total voters


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Just a curious question. We all have our favs, some made the cut, others did not and then there are some lucky enough to make it in via DLC or planned DLC.

Pretty straight forward. Would you want your favorite MK character in there for the sake of just making the cut EVEN if they were low tier, sucked horribly and weren't viable at all OR would you NOT want them in the game if they were going to suck horribly, you'd see no point if NRS didn't do the character a justice?

I ask this since I've noticed lots of players who happen to be character loyal but are down about it if their character either sucks or isn't as good or as fun as they should be. Of course, NRS can always change this via patch updates but as we've seen they address some while ignore others.


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of course .... people not all the time play amining competitive level, but, a lot of casual here and there , for fun only, stress relief time etc, so, better having your favourite character anyway in the game, is always good when this happens ....

if he/she (mk character) sucks and is low tier, hold up and have patience ..... try to play another one high tier for competitive purpose, and play your favourite for personal funny moments only, hehe


Mileena is the best, Mileena 4ever !
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I wanted Spawn for decades, I honestly don´t care if he will be top Tier or low bottom Tier, I´m gonna play him no matter what and I will have fun with him (fingers crossed lol)
there is no way Spawn will not be, at least, ultra fun to use .... NRS has been very competent in adapting guests to MK franchise, in both look and gameplay wise .... all of them, Freddy, Predator, Alien, Leatherface, Jason and now Terminator, were well done/made if comparing with the source material, so, they will nail down again with Joker and Spawn .... :cool:

100% sure about it ! ;)


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I championed Frost even before she got buffed, so yea. As it stands though I stay steady hoping they do Sheeva justice.
Although I do have my fingers crossed for Ashra if there ever is a KP3.


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I actually prefer playing low tier, but as soon as a game is released i choose my character and stay with him/her for the whole lifetime of the game.

My second always rotates but tiesr oesn't matter for the second character


I'm still playing Jade, and not as a zoner, though that is one of her strong points in MK11.
So... yeah, as long I'm having fun with the character, I'd like to see them be in the games. ^^


There's no chance that I wouldn't have fun with it. What tier it is doesn't matter at all to me. I actually prefer that it's mid, mid-low tier so yes, of course.


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Absolutely. Even if they're bad or mediocre characters can be buffed and changed and even if they stayed bad a character can be super fun to play with great aesthetics.

With that said, Stryker for MK11.

Bust Down Kurtiana.


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I play Scorpion and Kitana no matter how bad they are. I try to make it work. Alot of the games that has been an uphill battle with Scorpion especially but my friends always struggle against me the most when I play him. He had the potential to be really really good in this game and I looked forward to actually seeing Pros use and even win with him in tourneys for the first time ever but sadly that was not to be. The whiners online who don't feel like using their block button killed that dream in its infancy, lol.


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Gotta be real, I've talked a big game in the past about sticking by your character no matter what. And I've done that before with some "eehhhh" characters (Vega in Ultra SFIV, Lex in IJ, arguably Brainiac in IJ2)

But then we got MK 11 launch Kotal.

I tried and tried, but he was just too low tier to enjoy. No matter how much I love the character and aesthetic, it was really demoralizing to be doing %20ish max combos with Totemic and feeling handcuffed on Ascension by constantly losing the corner and generally having to outplay the opponent by a huge degree. It was just miserable, especially when playing against characters like Geras who seemed to do everything Kotal could do but with more damage, safety, and ease.

I would say it's good to try and work past limitations, but if the character is busted just admit it and move on for your own sanity.


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I'd love to have Reptile back. Love love LOVE to have my scaly boi join Baraka and Kollector. You don't even know.

The only question is how lizardlike he looks (preferably MKX/Shaolin Monks) but you could also give him different skins/scale coloring for a more human ninja look.

As for if he sucks on the tierlist, I'd still play it but let's be real here: In MK, NRS doesn't know how to make a low tier DLC Character on release.
As long as he retains his legacy moveset ie Acid Spit, Forceballs, Slide, Dash and Useless Invisibility chances are he'll be just fine tier wise.