Question - TriBorg Sektor main looking for secondary character suggestions

Discussion in 'Triborg' started by Wuuzie, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Wuuzie

    Wuuzie Noob

    I'm a fairly decent casual sektor player looking for a secondary to help with his worst matchups. At this point I almost exclusively play sektor.

    I struggle against Kitana, Mileena, Cassie, and Mystic Ermac, maybe a few others I forget. I've been practicing Crystalline a bit, but I'm not sure he's the answer to these matchups I struggle with. I'm inexperienced with Tremor and I don't know his matchups.

    If tremor does 5/5 or better against them let me know, otherwise any other character suggestions that can do well against the others would be great. Thanks alot.
  2. RequiemOfaVortex

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    Unstoppable Jason
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  3. TheRealOnlyGoonie

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  4. What bad matchups does Sektor have?
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  5. Wuuzie

    Wuuzie Noob

    The ones I listed I struggle against
  6. Wuuzie

    Wuuzie Noob

    Too much execution lol
  7. It doesn't mean theese are his hard mu's.
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  8. T-box88

    T-box88 Noob

    Crystaline is a good pick against mystic in my opinion. Flex and flash perry are both good options to deal with push on wakeup or in the neutral. When your zoning him and out of push range, flex up before shooting projectiles so he cant just mindlessly teleport on yea on reaction. As long as flex is up, its pretty easy to zone him. Up rock will keep him from hover smashing the ground constantly, and once he realizes he cant win the zoning war hes gunna try and get within range of push. As long as you have meter though to threaten with flash perry, you can get in on him free mostly for the cost of a bar and start pressuring him. You absolutely must be able to flash perry though, reason being its one of the only things in this game that blows up ex push from ermac. Its kinda tricky to get used to run canceling with it but with some time, you can get it.
  9. T-box88

    T-box88 Noob

    Also its kinda hard to have pick a secondary for a character that is just so well rounded. With sektor being able to deal with most characters, its tough to pick a secondary for any strategic reason. My suggestion, pick a character you like and is easy to play. And just devote more time with sektor in the mu's you say you struggle with. Like the kitana mu, not sure how your struggling with her. Cuz straight rocket is way better than fan in the zoning war. As long as you have meter to make teleport kinda safe, you will always have it as a threat. And if your struggling getting in on her just spend a bar for mb up rocket and follow it in. Its one of sektors strongest (if not the strongest) anti zoning tool he has.
  10. T-box88

    T-box88 Noob

    What does kitana do to you that your struggling with?
  11. Wuuzie

    Wuuzie Noob

    With Raidens lack of mids?
  12. LOOOOL bad mu's
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  13. Wuuzie

    Wuuzie Noob

    Honestly, I'm not entirely sure, but I feel like it's a combination of her tiny hitbox with her fans being able to convert from anywhere in the air, and her unorthodox pressure. This may seem vague, but I lose to good Kitana players more often than others, and sub par ones as well when I'm caught off guard.
  14. T-box88

    T-box88 Noob

    Well if your getting caight by fans alot for her to combo, your prolly just jumping too mutch (never jump on good kitanas, it never ends well unless your jist jumping over a fan. You have to play sektor pretty lame in this mu cuz you want kitana to come to you (very doable, cuz sektor def. Has the tools to outzone her). Look at it this way, she wants you to chase her down and get impatient. She wins by trying to make you hang yourself. So you have to fight the urge of trying to get in constantly. It may take a bit, but once the kotana player knows she aint winning the zoning war, shes gunna start trying to come to you which makes it easier to play your game. Like i said man, it just takes practice.
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  15. Plays2_MX

    Plays2_MX Noob

    Sektor is a bad mu for Kitana so I don't know why you're struggling a lot against them. Kitana has good zoning but Sektor's is way better. Mournful is the variation that can struggle less against Sektor. Many Kitanas will do these two things: play the boring game and zone you a lot or play the pressure game in which they will try to be in your face and rarely do any zoning. If she is zoning or if you know that she's going to throw her fans then yolo teleport. If she tries to get in your face just EX air dash or if she is pressuring you with her ex NjP or whatever that shenanigan is called then you can just back dash when she meter burns it. That will put a pause on her pressure and will make her waste meter which is what you want to do to frustrate her wake ups since they're punishable. Make them come at you and waste meter so that in the long run you're not left vulnerable. Don't forget to use the Ex Up rocket to put pressure on Kitana.
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  16. Second Saint

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    Pretty sure Impostor Shinnok does well against all of those and is pretty easy to pick up.
  17. Tanno

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    Kitana is a zoner, so she should have a problem against the teleporters, like Sektor, Raiden and Scorpion. Maybe you don't have enough match up experience.

    You should try picking up Tremor. Look up RZA's and ShArp's MUs. Those fellas are very good with Tremor.
  18. Shaka

    Shaka Tier Whore.

    No need for second char with Sektor, he is one of the best if not the best in the game lol.
  19. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Good luck getting through the shell

    Mileena and maybe Sub are the ones I can think of. Sub is probably even but he's not a bad pick. Iv heard Jacqui players like to play against Sektor as well, so maybe Full Auto.

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