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NRS Staff's Favorite Fatalities (Johnny's 2nd Fatality Premiere)

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The NRS staff spill the beans on their favorite fatalities in MK11. While it could have been predicted that Ed Boon was going to pick Scorpion's great spear fatality, a few others agree that Johnny takes the cake with his ridiculous ones.

I'm not the biggest fatality fanatic, but yeah, both of Johnny's are my favorite in MK11 without question.
So good lol.

The Most Elusive Kombatant

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With MK11 just a short 11 days away, speculation for who could be coming as future DLC is more abundant than ever. While people are campaigning for the Mileena's and Rain's of the world, Tabmok99 has an interesting character to throw into the ring. Here's his video on "The Most Elusive Character in Mortal Kombat" Lucifer.
Kombat Kast Recap 4/12/19
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We are almost there! With less than two week to go until release, we have just a handful of Kombat Kasts left before we all actually have the game. This week, it was lady's night, and it was feeling right with Kitana, D'vorah and Cetrion.
Tweedy's Summit of Time Diss Track *NSFW*
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Getting into the spirit of the competition, a few nominees for the Summit of Time are trying out different things to get your precious votes: Honeybee is doing fundraising streams for Biohazard, groups like Console League Gaming are doing giveaways if their pick gets in, and Tweedy is starting up a rap career.