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Discussion in 'Wonder Woman' started by Yoaks, May 16, 2017.

  2. Lex Luthor II

    Lex Luthor II Lord of Lightning

    Exactly, this is why basically nobody uses WoWo in this game.

    Mind boggling how badly the screwed up a character who was about to be the most popular she was in the history of the character.
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  3. Ryu Hayabusa

    Ryu Hayabusa Filthy Casual

    Spending a bar of meter to reflect would be a waste of resources. Projectiles don't do that much damage and slower ones will be blocked. They should just let her reflect projectiles by regular parry or she should be able to do that when bracelets buff is active.

    They should definitely give her a meterburn version of parry that let's her do this.


    Meterburn the parry and Wonder Woman appears out of nowhere to hit you with her elbow. This is somewhat similar to smoke's MK9 shake.
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  4. Stanlos

    Stanlos Noob

    I totally agree that the bracelet parry should reflect regularly as she is WW and that is basic for her. I suggested the bar because NRS clearly have a weird affinity for people spamming projectiles. But it seems like in addition to their weird disposition toward the character in a general sense she breaks how they seem to want the game to be played (walking backward and spamming projectiles with the projectile fire being their most beloved thing ever).

    Of course to me even outside of WW and interpreting her well it would seem there is clear reason to reconsider this love of projectile spam. During the last two events I visited the live stream and I have to say it seems very unlikely common people will pay to go to a venue and watch spam if even the hardcore people were not pleased. They ripped into that matchup soooooooo hard I was hoping the players could not read it.

    But yeah, your idea of meter burn giving her a superspeed instant hit is great and at least provides an opportunity to show her powers from the lore and the movie.
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  5. Marlow

    Marlow Noob

    Zoning is actually a thing in this game, yes. I like it.
  6. Stanlos

    Stanlos Noob

    I question whether going to the other side of the screen and repeating firing a projectile is 'zoning' and not 'spam'. When I think of 'zoning', there are usually follow-on actions that are actually the point of the projectile. With this game, the projectile is the means and the end and is incessant.

    I am superglad you like it and find it pleasing though.
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  7. Skedar70

    Skedar70 Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    WW Bracelets are fine the way they are. Lore wise they are used more to deflect than they are for reflecting. I do think the regular buff should last more though.
  8. Marlow

    Marlow Noob

    Other than Deadshot and Fate, most characters with a projectile aren't using it to just sit full screen and try to win out. Most of the time it's more of a harrassment tool to try and chip down the opponent while building meter and looking for an opening. Obviously if the opponent doesn't know how to deal with projectile pressure sitting full screen and spamming the projectile is a good strategy, but I feel that's more on the player than the devs.
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  9. Yoaks

    Yoaks A spaceman

    TFW your character community complains about zoning but yet they play a zoner.
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  10. Marlow

    Marlow Noob

    WW can zone in some matchups, but she's far from being a "zoner", unless you define any character who has a projectile as a "zoner".
  11. LEGI0N47

    LEGI0N47 I like to play bad characters

    Zoning is not just about having a projectile or even a full screen one. It's about controlling space.
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  12. Skedar70

    Skedar70 Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Then what the hell is the difference between zoning and footsies?
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  13. Stanlos

    Stanlos Noob

    But she aims each of the bullets she deflects.
  14. Skedar70

    Skedar70 Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    No she doesn't they just bounce around and don't hit her. At times she has reflected them back but most of the times they are just deflected away from her.
  15. Stanlos

    Stanlos Noob

    Actually no. This element was defined under Perez and Berger era. Later it was expressly explained and detailed during the Kupperburg and Byrne era. You can read it in prose too in the companion novel WONDER WOMAN GOD'S AND GODDESSES.
  16. Stanlos

    Stanlos Noob

    It is also a plot point during the buildup to WOTG. Distracted, her reflexes auto defend creating the scenario you relay. But standard operating procedure is she safely aims the ricochets.
  17. Skedar70

    Skedar70 Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter


    "Instead of just bouncing bullets off the bracelets, the bracelets now generated a force field in front of her that would reflect any attacks. The force field was retconned, but the origin remained."
  18. TheGabStandard

    TheGabStandard The anticipation is killing me
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    I would say footsies is basically controlling space. Zoning depends on your definition as people have varying definitions. But to me zoning is aiming to keep your opponent in a certain area of the screen at all times. Usually from mid range to full screen depending on the character
  19. Skedar70

    Skedar70 Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Zoning is just trying to win with projectiles. Most of the time this is just shooting projectiles one after another one from full screen and moving back until you are cornered and then trying to switch sides to loop it again.

    People say its "controlling space" to make it sound more complicated than what it actually is.
  20. TheGabStandard

    TheGabStandard The anticipation is killing me
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    This is why I say it is dependent on a person's definition. The way you describe is common to NRS games but it is not always applicable to other fighting games.
  21. Gooberking

    Gooberking 99.9% free

    I'm going to suggest this all of once as a take it or leave it thought that may not be fun, but something to consider.

    Deflection vs Reflection is something like Oval vs Circle or Rectangle vs Square; at least in her case. By that I mean a square is a highly specific form of rectangle and just because something isn't a square doesn't mean it can't be a rectangle.

    What that weirdness means here is WW choosing where she wants things deflected. She may deflect something and deliberately choose to not reflect it. Since she is in control, reflection is just a highly specific form of deflection where the projectile is bounced back at it's origin. In the context of this game she can and does deflect projectiles, which none of the rest of the cast can do. The issue is she isn't electing to perform a reflective deflection. It may not be the coolest form of deflection, and people may want to see that, but I would suggest that her lore remains intact by virtue that she is, in fact, deflecting projectiles with her bracelets.

    Additionally, a lot of what goes on in the game has to be filtered through the spirit of what a character can do, because trying to balance out a colorful cast of super powered and non-powered characters in a way that is competitively viable and can be modified via the gear system requires some compromise. Personally, I find the lack her having good flight representation to be more lore breaking that the bracelet thing. Then again, (excluding supermoves) Starfire is probably the only character with really good representation of flight in the game (with Supergirl being a maybe) so I'm not sure what should be expected there.
  22. Stanlos

    Stanlos Noob

    This is what I see the most often. Especially versus Starfire.
  23. Stanlos

    Stanlos Noob

    That CBR article is well intentioned but has some factual inaccuracies. The circular force field is a later attempt by Phil Jimenez to 'clarify' or explain the Perez/Berger definition. It wasn't successful because the moment you assign dimensions and an actual object the way he did you automatically get issues. The way Perez/Berger defined it when crossed the protections of Amalthea fend her from energy attacks (even massive waves) by coalescing the energies and protecting her and anything behind her. Jimenez added an actual energy shield a la Marvel's Power Princess. Bullets and small energy blasts she still uses single bracelets to deflect them.

    Gooberking's wonderful write-up underlines the dynamic of option selecting to return fire or not which I thought went well with meter. That way at least it costs her something to momentarily stop the zoning that the devs are so in love with. He also makes a good point about the effort to adapt the characters which I do appreciate. But it is really frustrating watching NRS continue to not celebrate WW and give her short shrift. They are better than they did in MKvsDCU at least but her deal is important and it is not unreasonable to want to see her powers and abilities interpreted well as they did with the other two members of the Trinity.
  24. Skedar70

    Skedar70 Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Ok. I disagree. I think she deals well with zoning and doesn't need this. I think her parry is fine the way it is. Since most comic interpretations of her bracelets have her not reflecting projectiles I believe they are well implemented.

    Quality of life change. Make the buff last a little longer after parrying something.
  25. Kiko

    Kiko Face it, you're done.

    Isolating discussion on the character doesn't change the character's tools or abilities. Nor does it help win tournaments. :)
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