Understanding how to fight against NDCs

Discussion in 'Kabal' started by A F0xy Grampa, May 29, 2012.

  1. Lulzlou

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    Well it all depends on the situation in the match.

    If I keep noticing they poke out of the first NDC, I commit to the dash and combo with the f4 ender. Its all reads really.
    If the kabal player reads that you will poke out he will get a good punish into a reset
    If the person fighting kabal reads he'll commit to it, he can just block and get a free full combo punish.

    It is more of a risk committing to the dash than a regular 50/50 mix up. As a kabal player you need to make them respect the dash, not expect it. That all comes down to the player so you need to have good mind games.
  2. NRF CharlieMurphy

    NRF CharlieMurphy Kindergarten Meta

    I didn't put any words in your mouth.
    I'm just saying. EVEYRONE eats 2 revolutions of NDC.... EVERYONE. No one i've ever seen has just said "fuck it i'm blowing this up"
    I said that... ME!!!!
    If I see a 2NDC... I'm going to try and blow up the next one... or poke... because you sure as shit ain't HC that. God himself would have a hard time HC'ing 2~NDC.
  3. I was just making sure, also u can't ever fully predict what a kabal will during his pressure. Heck, he good do f4 to ex dash cancel and be at advantage, do a 50/50 mixup in between, or just grab someone and go back to zoning. In the end, it is a guessing game that can never be completely dealt with, but can be handled to a point where you won't get blown up and babied.
  4. Some mistakes in there lol
  5. NRF CharlieMurphy

    NRF CharlieMurphy Kindergarten Meta

    I feel like... at the very least..... i'm going to lose guns blazing.
    If he blows me up for trying to get a full combo off a NDC.... so be it. I'll tip my cap..... well probably not, but you get the gist.

    If you want to beat Kabal... you gotta toss your dick out there and hope it comes back.
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  6. Lulzlou

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    I can get them good in casuals. Last offline meet up, I did it to a sonya 7 or 8 times and won the match. He even said that he was trying to crouch block. Imo, its not as hard as people make it seem. I feel like what the problem is that its hard to do under pressure and/or tournament nerves. I recently started being able to do them a lot so I'll see how it goes at my next tournament, which will be ECT4.
  7. NRF CharlieMurphy

    NRF CharlieMurphy Kindergarten Meta

    no i mean HC into the spin. You've already buffered the dash.... and probably cancelled it... a one hit HC is hard to pull off.
  8. SunnyD

    SunnyD 24 Low Hat!

    I dont think 2 ND combos.....does it?
  9. Lulzlou

    Lulzlou Noob

    You just need to train your fingers to react the moment you see something. I taught my self to do that even if my finger is a millimeter away from hitting block. I'm not saying I get it every time and I have some god like reactions but it can be done.

    I tend to do more 2ndc in the corner. With the way I mix it up, people like to jump then I catch them in a juggle. I'd juggle them for example like, 2ndc, 2ndc, 2ndc, f4~nd or 2ndc, 2ndc, b121 if I'm feeling crazy. Keep in mind I'm paying attention to my meter/health and my opponents.

    Also people tend to not react in time if they get hit by a 2ndc and by then I'll realize it and do 2nd. Maybe thats an online thing. I can't remember if I get people with that at my offline meet ups.

    Probably sounds like I'm lying but oh well xD

    It does. One of the most common things I do that with is Reptiles dash. If I feel like I reacted to late I'll try to hit confirm the 2 ND.
  10. Eddy Wang

    Eddy Wang Skarlet scientist

    its because the slash can be blocked even after the poke, so if they try any other movement than poke, they eat a full combo.

    So having the meter in display becomes a threat like Glue said on his guide, it gives the warning that she can do something crazy inside the interruptibles gaps.:)
  11. Under_The_Mayo

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    Yeah, totally. I mean sure, against someone who doesn't know how to deal with your zoning, it's not so exciting. But using him on a high level is a fucking thrill. When you have to really get in with your footsies. Trying to bait wakeups in the corner to get an EX SC conversion combo. All his corner combos are really fun and non-repetitive. Pulling the trigger on an EX RK to blow up a crossover punch is like a fuckin' adrenaline shot!

    His sword always looks gorgeous, so there's a real aesthetic enjoyment as well. And the teleflurry in particular is just such a cool animation.
  12. AYSAMO

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    Yea with liu kang Im pretty much forced to sit there and wait to throw out a d3 after I see certain strings like f32. Was thinking about trying to d3 into ex low fb?
  13. After d3 hits you can do b312, f12, 21 and maybe en low fireball or finish the string, jump out, or you can basically start your own pressure. Just don't go for a f4 or any other sting that has a slow start up or you'll probably get poked again and Kabal can restart his pressure.
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  14. A F0xy Grampa so pokes and launchers should be coming out as kabal is recovering from NDC or when he's starting another f32/b12 string? what about f3 ndc?
  15. RTM2004

    RTM2004 Mortal Kombat II

    So the whole point of this thread is how to fight against Kabal's NDC so you won't have to spend 1 meter to armor out and to not use Breaker while you are in his blockstring pressure? You break, Kabal returns to spamming. You finally get in on Kabal, he uses Breaker and escapes free. You knock him down trying to maintain pressure, he armors out easy with his Ex Nomad Dash.

    iAGB spam full screen, Smoke and Jade eliminates his zoning but Kabal has strong answers for rushdown to abuse. This reminds me of last year when everyone complained about Kung Lao being too good up close, kills zoners with his Teleports and can zone with his Low Hat and to mention 2,4,Low Hat spam. Kabal heavily benefited from the normalize dash nerf 1.05 patch.
  16. i can't believe some people didn't know you can interrupt with combo strings. You don't HAVE to poke..... :confused:

    CURBOLICOUS Cage ban wagon?

    ALSO if the kabal play loves to do d3 and d1 to stop you from mashing buttons, block low and counterpoke. It works really well and throws players off guard and I don't see people doing this that much. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT
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  18. DoctrineDark

    DoctrineDark Too little, too late...

    this is what I have been saying for some time in other posts, but some do not listen to me, some still believe that the ndc is unstoppable ...
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  19. G4S KT

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    best line on TYM right now

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