UMK3 Post Patch (MKAK)

Discussion in 'Platform and Controller Help' started by Juggs, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. AREZ God of War

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    Man, i'm still playing UMK3 on Mame, I haven't even got this shit on PSN yet cuz everyone says it sucks. If they patch this shit right, i'm gonna buy it, idk wtf they are doing w/ it. Why do we still have a version inferior to the previous ones. This is disappointing to the UMK3 people.
  2. AC1984

    AC1984 Kaballin!

    Excellent...I think they fixed the shitty PS3 presentation and also the net play is a lot better...I had whole bunch of descent matches...In ranked only Miss Spin killed me...
  3. NoDoubt

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    NO DOUB7
    DizGirlWillOwnU XD
  4. Post patch the netplay is far superior to pre-patch but there is still lag and dropped inputs. Mame netplay definitely has less lag (tho still not exactly the same as offline). This tiny lag probably isn't a big deal for casual players, but entirely alters the timing of many moves and combos (like punching out of the air) which is a serious drawback for high level play.
  5. Eternal

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    online feels great....its like p2p mame.......I played kanomk2 and vlad from honduras for a while and it was descent and playable... I played someone from the eastcoast and it was good...(im from north west)....i played a few people from the westcoast and it was great!!!.... overall im happy
  6. AC1984

    AC1984 Kaballin!

    Also a bunch of people quit on me and I didnt get the points for it...If some one drops on select screen u dont get shit.
  7. Juggs

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    Must be PSN only that does that. I get points as long as they quit after the pre-game lobby.
  8. Br0ken

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    Yea I notice there is slight input delay vs everyone, I musta played over 100 ranked umk3 matches today, and felt the delay, Its so annoying when you drop combos because of this, But I must say the netcode is far better than it was.
  9. 9.95

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    Ok, I'm officially changing my stance on this...

    MK1 - Never played it online so I don't know...

    MK2 - online feels fine.. very playable... the speed of the game is conducive to online play.

    UMK3 - ABSOLUTELY FRIGGIN UNPLAYABLE. UMK3 has way to many "to the frame" moments to be playable. You can't block on time, you can't punish on time... NOTHING WORKS PROPERLY... the simple fact is, UMK3 is too fast and the speed of the game is not conducive to online play. There is NOTHING fun about UMK3 online. You guys will NEVER see me online with this game...EVER. SMH, this game just sucks online...

    Playing UMK3 OFFLINE

    Playing UMK3 ONLINE
  10. NoDoubt

    NoDoubt nasty

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    Unfortunately theres ways around this now. Mr Bass quit on me before the "finish him" came up and the whole game froze for almost a minute. I just waited. After it said he left, I didnt gain points and he didnt lose points. lol o well. looks like we need another patch cuz were about to get some top 5ers

    : ( I was #1 for like 3 days too just playing it how i supposed to.
  11. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    Maybe he unplugged his ethernet cord or dashboarded. I don't know if they compensated for being able to do either.
  12. NoDoubt

    NoDoubt nasty

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    Not only can u avoid losing points through freezing it but some players can actually quit before the round ends flat out and still avoid point loss.

    "Itz x Yoshi" just did it on me twice. Loses no points and I gain none. Either you no longer lose points for quitting or u kno, u can cheat now somehow. O well so much for ranked now
  13. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    Yeah I don't really understand the problem. It's not traditional delay like I'm used to. It's like delay + input drops + something else. I've also noticed something strange regarding walking. It seems like if I go forwards or backwards, my character will go like 2 frames longer then what he's supposed to. Again, this could be due to my controller that is broken.

    But regardless, I'm hardly even playing this because the connection isn't any better than 2006 UMK3 and certainly not better than MAME. Noticing delay and input drops in MK1 and MK2, games I have nearly zero experience in... is not a good look.
  14. NoDoubt

    NoDoubt nasty

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    Played Itz x Yoshi again and 3rd time i got robbed points lol. Yea u can avoid losing points if u quit at a certain time. Or freeze/disconnect something.

    As far as the online play, I feel like the good connections play super smooth. Equal if not better than Mame and virtually lagless. All else though with so-so connections, or bad ones have inconsistent delay and that only seems natural.

    regardless, the dropped inputs deff suck. The major plus here is if someone has a good connection overseas (europe, *venezuela*), it still plays as good if not better than players from the US. Thats real cool and something iv never experienced before.

    On Mame, if your on the west coast or from another country across the ocean, youll never have less than 9 frame delay. But on here, u can experience a nice set.

    The bad probably outweighs the good but oh well. In time maybe some1 will do the classics right.
  15. AREZ God of War

    AREZ God of War The Crazy BeastMaster

    Soooooo, should we get on NRS more and ask them why they made us buy this game AGAIN when it isn't even better than the previous ports we have already bought from them 6-7 times? I could have had a fuckin cabinet by now w/ all the $$$ i spent on MK games.

    Time for another patch, NRS....if you're putting out multiple games, make sure you have multiple staff working on both versions to make the already unhappy fans appeased. I wonder how they can possibly keep doing this. The fact that MKAK is supposed to be "advanced" chronologically, yet it has problems the other ports don't have just goes to show no pride was taken nor time was taken nor fan-consideration was taken into account.

    Granted it's NRS studio's fault, but why are you concerned with rank and points? We all know the rank/point sytem sucks and always has for ALL games. The Kommunity determines who the top players are, no one else. Just showing UP to Offline Tournaments gives you more credibility than most of these rage-quitters and arm-chair warriors. Placing Top 3 is another story.
  16. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    As far as I know, NRS has had little to do with the MKAK.

    If you don't get punished in some way for quitting, it encourages the scrubby losers to quit. Also, being top on the leaderboard obviously doesn't mean anything in regards to your skill. But it's just satisfactory working to get the points and being on the leaderboard. Plus the ranking system is actually decent.
  17. NoDoubt

    NoDoubt nasty

    NO DOUB7

    Cuz I was tryin 2 show how the patch didnt fix what it supposadely fixed which was making your opponent lose points if they quit out of a match. It works, but theres ways around it now so just confirming that.

    Another note is I do feel it plays better than 2006 UMK version on good connections simply cuz this port doesnt have delay "built in" the system like that one does. Offline feels perfect. However, the occasional dropped inputs probably equals this out anyway lol. : /

    MAME WINS. again.

    Flawless Victory.
  18. ZAQ

    ZAQ Banned

    Almost all of the players are in ranked and nothing else so this is where players will be spending the majority of their time it seems. This probably wouldn't be the case if they had a spectator mode. So it's not just the ranked points that are the problem, it makes the player experience bad when people drop on you all the time to "get ahead" and freeze your game.

    I couldn't tell if I was being attacked or not the other night. I was playing ranked in MK2 and my entire Internet connection would lose it's signal for a while (I was watching the KombatNetwork stream on my laptop and it would stop also). Then it would finally say "you are no longer connected to XBL" and about 1-2 minutes later my Internet would come back online.

    That hasn't happened before that night for any game (or just the Internet in general) and only seemed to happen while I was playing ranked and winning and didn't happen at all after I stopped playing that night. So people are definitely finding new ways to cheat that this system won't catch. That sounds like bridging or a DOS attack.

    They should do what UMVC3 does and match all of the players that have a lot of disconnects vs other players with a lot of disconnects and have them play in the online Hell that they created for themselves.
  19. AREZ God of War

    AREZ God of War The Crazy BeastMaster

    Personally, I could care less about the ranking system and points, just give me identical-to-offline gameplay, 53.5 FPS, and no dropped inputs. Use the fuckin GGPO netcode or something, get this shit right.

    It's like a Palsy Victim performing brain-surgery with a Pipe-wrench.....old-ass game re-made so many times, they don't even know which one works anymore LOL Businesses are such a joke nowadays. I never seen so much unprofessionalism in my entire 31 years of life before the past 5 years.
  20. AC1984

    AC1984 Kaballin!

    I'm kind of happy with the final products...its not the best but I havent played better online mode since I moved to the US.....
  21. Br0ken

    Br0ken Noob

    You know It really is hard to play high level when there is almost a full sec delay on inputs, Ive noticed this is the case vs everybody. It's very hard to punish anything. Like one guy teleported me and by the time I released block to aahp tp spear, he was on the ground blocking lol. Yea its that bad. Oh well I guess We'll just have to deal with it. I notice people still quit one me in the middle of rounds. But Idk what the effects were. But the main complaint I do have is like I staited the delay, It's terrible, and its the same in all 3 mks, not just umk3.
  22. Pig Of The Hut

    Pig Of The Hut Day 0 Phenomenal Dr. Fate and Darkseid player

    Is there a reason why they just didnt take 2006 umk3 and make it a little better?

    that was awesome and nothing imo was really wrong with it
  23. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    MAME is the answer, but even then, with peer to peer..... :/
  24. BuhRock v2

    BuhRock v2 Noob

    Who is the itz yoshi guy anyways?
  25. AREZ God of War

    AREZ God of War The Crazy BeastMaster

    Mame, P2P, hardwired ethernet, cable internet, nothing running on CPU except Mame.

    There is nothing better for online. Nothing at all.

    It's not Arcade Perfect. They claimed it was but there were a few small changes, mostly frames that were removed from the final cut to make it run smooth on XBL. This is why Mame is the accepted norm at tourneys.

    I know alot of people experience this in all versions of the game, but the things is we need to make sure we are ALWAYS doing everything in our power to make the connection as perfect as possible. Hardwired ethernet, nothing else using bandwidth, high speed cable internet, etc. usually everything is great if both or all players follow that suit of cards. You take Juggernaut attempting ggs on mame w/ a wireless laptop and it's simply not going to happen, even with 50 MB. It really takes alot away from great players OR makes average players seem GOD-like, however not everyone is better offline.

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