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UMK3 Post Patch (MKAK)


i have a few questions Konqrr OJuggernautO

1. is MKAK receiving any more support or is it dead
2. is there any way to still get the original UMK3 on xbox from the arcade? i have the trial but it is not unlocked. any method?
3. i noticed some strange things i wasn't sure if they were normal in mkak-
-when i teleport as KL against Jax and he performs a dash punch, he will not move forward rather just stand on the spot performing the dash animation
-when i teleported against jax double projectile he was propelled forwards instead of backwards because of the crossup, is that normal
-when sindel hits me with the scream if she makes contact with me very quickly she will also receive the affects of the scream. this was not a rare thing it happened a lot

4. what is your preferred controller? i dont want to learn keyboard. im willing to learn ps2 control [played a lot of mkt on ps1 back in the day] but i already have a madcatz stick and have effortless execution in Mk9 and Sf/kof but i find it hard to use for umk3 with the block and run buttons requiring rapid fire alternations between each other and combos with the attack buttons. if a street fighter 8 button layout madcatz stick is possible to use what is the preferred button layout?

uhhhhh i guess thats about it. thanks in advance.