UMK3 Post Patch (MKAK)

Discussion in 'Platform and Controller Help' started by Juggs, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Juggs

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    I've played the patched version of the MKAK UMK3 for awhile today. I just want to point out some positives and negatives I've experienced.


    - The netcode is much better than before. There no longer is the slowdown and overall horrid netcode that was in the original release.

    - You can do Kombat Kodes in player matches.

    - In ranked mode, when you match up with someone, it doesn't show their name, just their ping. This is an attempt to eliminate boosters. However, there's a way around this that I hope gets patched.

    - Quitters are now punished for quitting! They receive a loss and they lose Kombat Rating points. As soon as they quit, it goes to the post game lobby screen where it shows that they lost rating and you gained it.

    - You find a match pretty quickly now where before it took awhile.


    - In regards to the netplay. I've noticed something that others have as well. It seems there's dropped inputs. While the delay is minimal most of the time, dropped inputs are happening at least once per match. It's like the frames aren't even being counted, so the frame you would have pressed for example won't even register. The majority of people won't even realize this, but veterans of UMK3 will. I haven't played MK2 or MK1 yet, dunno if there's the same problem. Other than that and the delay, the connection is decent enough to be playable if you're playing someone that has a good connection also.

    - The menu's for me are still very hard to read. Not only are they tiny, but the white text blends in with the background.

    - There's still display problems for smaller TV's. I was hoping that the "stretch" option would allow you to manually stretch the screen like in 2006 UMK3. But it just stretches to fit your screen, so it's a feature for bigger TV's.

    - It seems like the entire interface was geared towards HD TV's, so that could explain the above.

    - The player matches are still broken. You can only play one match, then after the match it kicks both players and you have to remake the room. There's also only 1v1 in the player matches. There's almost no reason to play player matches unless you want to play with a friend because of this. **** It seems to be random. I was playing matches one after the other with aShapeShifter, but kept getting disconnected with GrindFox.

    - There's some random glitch that disables special moves. I have no idea how this happened to me, but it did. I could NOT do any special moves while my opponent could. It obviously wasn't a Kombat Kode since they are disabled in ranked. To my knowledge I didn't do anything differently for this to happen. It's the weirdest glitch I've encountered so far.

    - You can't do Kombat Kodes in ranked. Apparently this was intentional though. To get Human Smoke, you have to do the button sequence at the character select screen and hold it until the round starts.

    - There's 3 ping types. 3 green bars, 2 yellow bars, and 1 red bar. I've yet to play someone where we had 3 green bars. It's either been 2 yellow or worse. Despite that, 2 yellow bars is playable for the most part. It isn't consistent though, it varies depending on the person.


    They definitely improved the game, but I believe it still needs another patch. However, it doesn't need one as badly as the first time around. You can actually enjoy yourself online now. But I would say don't expect to play competitive matches on a consistent bases. Meaning for one the connection is inconsistent, and two the quality of competition is pretty low. But that's always been a given for these older MK games. If you're expecting the online to be better than 2006 UMK3, you will be disappointed. It's about the same in my opinion. Sometimes it's better, sometimes it's worse. Overall though, it's about on par.
  2. shark

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    Shark MKO
    I played some matchs, MK1, 2 and UMK3!!! Its Very Good!!!!
  3. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    I did get to play Hanzo who lives in Venezuela and the connection was actually playable. That's pretty awesome! There was delay but considering the distance I was fairly impressed.
  4. interloko

    interloko Noob

    $hit. i've reported this bug more than once. in the first build this happened to me A LOT of times playing mk1 online.
    sometimes is "just" a round, sometimes 2 or the entire match :(
    this sucks, come on NRS a lot of time for the patch and this BIG bug is not fixed?
  5. ZAQ

    ZAQ Banned

    Natas and I found a bug last night. He said his breaker wouldn't work while I was using Stryker.

    (I tried to break some combos too!)
  6. Liu_Kang

    Liu_Kang Noob

    The connection in Europe is shit.
    Everyone who has yellow in the connection can't play. If you accept connection on yellow, the screen character goes black and the game still continues. The person who quit in this situation take a loss lol.

    It sucks, and NRS sucks as well.
  7. Pooty Mack

    Pooty Mack Noob

    I think we're talking about different games here.
    Anyway, I was playing MK 1&2 alot last night and noticed the input drop quite a few times. There were times I got smashed cuz I would try to jump back, but my character just stood there. There were also some bad lag spikes on yellow and green connections. I play Scorpion a lot in MK II and while trying to do his basic j.HK> spear combo, the spear (or even a lp) didn't come out. It could've been my timing, but it happened to many times and I rarely miss that simple setup. I will play around with the first 2 more and report back.
    EDIT: [MENTION=39]ZAQ[/MENTION], just realized you were joking lol!
  8. MKK hanzo

    MKK hanzo Moderator
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    jax backbreaker or (lol) mk9 breaker? XD
  9. NoDoubt

    NoDoubt nasty

    NO DOUB7
    Yea i played Hanzo too and shit felt good considering he lives a million miles away.

    I still dont like the graphics. Its better than it was but I feel like instead if genuinely adjusting the contrast to crush the blacks, they sort of put a dark film over the entire picture and now it looks a bit dim. I still think the xbox 2006/arcade/Mame119 look the nicest

    Its neat to have a good feel with players living overseas. If people dont have a good connection, yea its gonna suck but thats on them. The most annoying thing is prob the friendly UMK combat. some people u can keep playing, others (like Hanzo) I have to recreate the room over and over and it gets old. No win/loss records, or spectate also sucks.
  10. GoldenOreos

    GoldenOreos Arcade Tech
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    welli havnt got around to playing yet but atleast from what ive heard its decent now. ill be on later today if anyone wants to play. ill be directly connected. see if we can get green bars n shit
  11. eks

    eks Noob

    I really wish they had a KotH mode like MK9. Other than that, I think it's near perfect.
  12. Verstande

    Verstande Noob

    Is it out for the Playstation 3?
  13. Zebster

    Zebster How's my volume?

    This happen against anyone you know? It might have been a cheater/hacker.
  14. Eternal

    Eternal Noob

    this happen to me on psn a few days before the patch was released.... I was trippin
  15. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    I havent had a chance to check out online for MKAK yet (before patch wasnt ever gonna happen) but 2006 UMK3 had their casual lobbies sorta like that, with winner stays. Besides, Koth like in MK9 takes away from the connections more so. :/

    not yet for PSN North America.
  16. GNG Iniquity

    GNG Iniquity #bufftaquito #punchwalk #whiffycage

    Can anyone confirm that the inputs don't drop offline at least?
  17. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    The PSN port does, but it hasnt patched yet. The XBL port didnt even before patch. the 7-8m i played yesterday it didnt seem to either.

    If the PSN port patch doesnt address the issues even offline, it will never and should never ever be used for anything tourney wise ever again (or until its fixed)
  18. eks

    eks Noob

    I have '06 UMK3 version, and even that would be a lot better than the way they have it on the MKAK. I liked that the people who were waiting could spectate, too. Oh well.
  19. ZAQ

    ZAQ Banned

    Spectator mode would be a huge plus and we could actually stream lobbies.
    But MKAK is much better than what we previously had.

    Want to play UMK3?
    Buy a 360 and pay for XBL for a 5$ game

    Want to play MK2?
    Buy a PS3 and another 5$ game

    Buy adapters for both because the controllers suck

    Want to play MK1?
    Download mame/kaillera to play vs the 5 Russians/Bulgarians that still play it
  20. interloko

    interloko Noob

    it happened to me against another guys i've played (and added to friend list) and happens to them too, even in friendly matches, so no one was cheating.
    when this happen to us then someone quit on pourpose.

    i'm one of the few guys who plays mk1 in mkak, and not now since i've moved and i don't have internet yet in my new home XD
    i remember i was bored before patch because the majority of the "top 10" players are rage quitters and the other matches i found were people without enough points to give me just 1 in the case i win XD
  21. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    It seems like every match has delay. I've yet to play someone where it feels like there's no delay. It's weird cause I can play [MENTION=346]MKK hanzo[/MENTION] who lives in Venezuela and have the same delay with him as I do with people in the USA. It's really annoying having people jump kicking you all day and you not being able to anti-air. I've noticed this in all 3 games, not just UMK3. Is it just my connection? Is it just that I'm using a broken controller?

    Please tell me your thoughts on the netcode of this game. I'm more interested in the veterans of UMK3 since they will noticed delay more than others.

  22. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    Overall, as I said on the stream, the delay is there no matter what. Sometimes its REALLY bad... like 1/2 second delay or more on moves... sometimes its on par with the 2006 release, sometimes it's a little better... it really depends. Overall it's just inconsistent and that's what's so frustrating to me. I played someone in England and had delay that I could adjust to after a round... then I played someone in the NJ area and it was unplayable.

    I think overall, everyone needs to have their 360 on "OPEN NAT" and hard wired to the router... plus make sure that you have the proper Xbox Live ports forwarded. This will optimize your connection and hopefully remove some of the delay...

    The unfortunate reality, is that UMK3 most likely will never have great netplay... that means we can have fun with friends and with people who understand that the matches are truly casual matches... but I would personally stay away from ANYONE who thinks that ranked matches mean anything...
  23. gamemk

    gamemk Noob

    ^me, lol. i hear you though, it's just hard for me to not flip into arcade mode from 20 years ago. i miss that direct competition. but, yeah, the online games don't amount to anything. i'm like those 60 year old guys trying to relive their basketball glory days, at the local ymca. lol....
  24. ZAQ

    ZAQ Banned

    I only played two longer sets in UMK3 so far. One was with Natas and it wasn't too bad, there was a little delay. And I played with mikej119 today and it was pretty delayed at some points where I could tell it dropped inputs because I wasn't cancelling properly with the delay in mind. I'm on a new connection right now that probably isn't the best (it plays well with everything else) so I can't really compare it to the other ports just yet.

    For what it's worth, MK2 plays pretty good but I'd say UMK3 2006 plays better from the matches I've had so far.
  25. MKK hanzo

    MKK hanzo Moderator
    Premium Supporter

    This is true, BTW I play with Reinaldo wholives like at 45 mins drive from home and we have a PRETTY GOOD conection (even with the internet here that SUCKS lol 1mb download max??? trolololo) and pretty much lagless matches believe it or not!

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