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Discussion in 'Playstation Network' started by ForeverKing, Feb 8, 2019.

By ForeverKing on Feb 8, 2019 at 9:08 PM
  1. Hey what's up everybody! ForeverKing here

    For anybody interested in:

    - Playing sets against me online

    - Wanting me to take you under my wing & teach you everything I know about NRS games through online training mode

    - Participate in online tournaments that I will be hosting for PSN cards

    - Just get to know me better and chill online & play games

    Check out this page

    Already 17 different people signed up and they're all loving it, nothing but positive responses

    I'm going to host an online tournament soon, sign up soon if you want to be apart of it :D
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Discussion in 'Playstation Network' started by ForeverKing, Feb 8, 2019.

    1. Saboteur-6
      I'll be interested for sure when mk 11 comes out.
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    2. SHAOLIN
    3. Invincible Salads
    4. Vslayer
      I feel pretty comfy with IJ2, I think I'll do a few months with you when MK11 comes out.
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    5. xQUANTUMx
      Hey good shit King, I wish you success in this endeavor.
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    6. Invincible Salads
    7. ForeverKing
      Also everyone, you're more than welcome to private message me if you have any specific questions regarding the training sessions or you just want to ask in private instead in this thread :)
    8. ForeverKing
      Check out the link in the original post. Read all the different benefits of each individual tier. I'm sure you will find at least one tier that fits nicely into your requirements :)
    9. LaidbackOne
      This is super cool although I worry you'll run out of hours during the week ;)
      Nice that someone is taking the financial part of being a pro fg player into their own hands!
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    10. ForeverKing
      That's why I limited the Grandmaster tier! :D
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    11. fireborg
      Hey man, this a bitchin idea, i approached myself once a pro player , no reply unfortunately. Im very intrested and should be getting paid next week. Defently would like to train, just wondering if it might be full by then ( end of next week )
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    12. ForeverKing
      There's only one tier (Grandmaster) that is limited. The rest of the tiers have unlimited entry!
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    13. Juggs
      Patreon and twitch are the best. We need more people creating content and/or trying things out like this. Good luck King and to all your students!
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    14. Krankk
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    15. CrimsonShadow
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    16. Second Saint
      Second Saint
      This actually seems like a quality service. Good stuff, King! I not only hope it works out for you, I hope it catches on in the community.
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    17. chores

      Hey man do you miss wrestling? I graduated high school in 2002 and a few years ago I started to get the itch. I started no gi BJJ and not only is it a great way to sweat and grapple but there's way less injury risk for us senior citizens. A lot of fun too because most of the wrestling fundamentals still apply. Recently I've gotten into Dutch kickboxing and I'm having a ball at 35
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    18. ForeverKing

      Yeah I do miss wrestling sometimes, but the main reason I wouldn't wanna get back into it is because the possibility of injuries
    19. Agilaz
      This is a good initiative. Between coaching and Tom's guide, it's nice to see opportunities like these pop up.

      Also a good way to bond more within the community
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    20. D-Que Beats
      D-Que Beats
      Sooo...i gotta pay you $10 a month now to play you in a first to 10? Getcho hollywood ass on King lmaoo.....jkjk see u in mk11
    21. sub_on_dubs
      King should be paying me for lessons. Don't get 13-0 'd. jkjk I might be interested in this since I'm a such a scrub.
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    22. Jynks
      10 bucks for 30mins... that is like 20 bucks an hour. I can't believe a pro would cost their time so cheap. I'd expect it should be way more than that. (and actually good quality).
    23. TurboTaco
      This post still makes me laugh. Paying a pro to help you get better and he basically just tells you to "git gud".
    24. Marlow
      Cool idea. If the training was available on Xbox I'd strongly consider it, but I probably won't get the game on PS until whenever it eventually goes on sale.
    25. JBeezYBabY
      AYE! Continue that hustle babY! Wish u nothing but success, King. Righteous ;)
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