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Discussion in 'Playstation Network' started by ForeverKing, Feb 8, 2019.

By ForeverKing on Feb 8, 2019 at 9:08 PM
  1. Hey what's up everybody! ForeverKing here

    For anybody interested in:

    - Playing sets against me online

    - Wanting me to take you under my wing & teach you everything I know about NRS games through online training mode

    - Participate in online tournaments that I will be hosting for PSN cards

    - Just get to know me better and chill online & play games

    Check out this page

    Already 17 different people signed up and they're all loving it, nothing but positive responses

    I'm going to host an online tournament soon, sign up soon if you want to be apart of it :D
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Discussion in 'Playstation Network' started by ForeverKing, Feb 8, 2019.

    1. karaokelove
      I paid Perfect Legend $10 for a 30-minute training session in Injustice 1, like a total chump. He just online Doomsdayed me and then sent me like a 6-bullet-point list containing items like, "backdash the elbow drop". I assume your lessons are higher quality?
    2. chores
      If I subscribe to the Grand Master tier instead of the weekly training can it just be me showing you my favorite anime clips and you pretending to laugh/enjoy them?
    3. ForeverKing
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    4. ForeverKing
      You can ask my current students right now on Patreon, send them a message and ask their honest opinion of how my sessions are

      I invite you to a party on PSN with a mic while I'm playing with you for an hour straight, you choose if it's online training mode or just 1v1 for an hour.

      You can even split it up and do 1v1 for a half hour and training mode for a half hour
    5. TopTierHarley
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    6. ForeverKing
      Thanks lmao!

      But yeah Emperor is an hour a month while Elder God is an hour a week. So they sound similar when you read it, but in actuality Elder God gets quadruple the benefits as Emperor
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    7. stokedAF
      I recognize the name, you are pretty good. Not something I’m willing to pay for but do your hustle bro. Watching people like you in tournaments was enough for me to take the learning game seriously this time around. I won’t be that good but I don’t need to be, I just need to be better lol.
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    8. TopTierHarley
      Oh, yea ok that makes sense. Hopefully this goes well for you.
    9. Gerchap
      Can I get a discount

      It’s been a long freaking time @ForeverKing what the heck happen to Wrestling?
      How you been? Still in OH? Damn many questions lol.
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    10. STORMS
    11. ForeverKing
      Haha maybe!

      I'm doing well man. I only wrestled in high school, after that I pretty much just stuck to competing in video game tournaments. Still doing it like 7 years later. Miss the old MKU days, hopefully MK11 will bring some hype to the online forums again
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    12. ForeverKing
      Thanks! So far so good
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    13. Gerchap
      Good to hear from you, You and MaceWind lived near by right? Do you talk to him?
    14. TackyHaddock
      I’m always busy AF w work and wifey so this may be a good way to level up w the limited time I have! Count me in after mk11 comes out
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    15. ForeverKing
      I haven't talked to Macewind in years. Wish I could

      Idk how to contact him
      If you are looking to level up your game this is a very unique opportunity and I would take advantage of it. I like what king is doing here. He is a pro and he is thinking outside the box.
    17. ForeverKing
      Btw everyone there is already two people signed up for Grandmaster tier. So I only have one more spot open for that one.

      I'm debating whether or not I should open that tier for more people, but when MK11 comes out I wanna make sure I have my own training time as well lol. We'll see
    18. Euph0nic
      used to get bodied for free!
      not like he needs any more endorsement but it's really great to get exposed fast and start repairing your game. That was my takeaway back when. Good luck on the hustle King
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    19. Blade4693
      This is awesome, idk if ill be able to participate/join (I DEFINITELY need to lol) but I like seeing pros reach out to the community and help people out. Good shit man!
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    20. twistedspine
      I also really enjoy seeing pros put themselves out there for coaching. I plan on getting coached for MK11 and I've already reached out to some other pros on my own. I have your patreon bookmarked, and i'll probably reach out closer to MK11's launch. I hope more pros come out and offer coaching.
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    21. AboAly83
      Even though it's not something I'd be interested in, I wish you all the luck man, keep up the good work.
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    22. Vslayer
      Seriously thinking about this. I really want to start competing.
    23. SaltShaker
      Hey wassup King, hope all is well bro.

      Gonna step in here and vouch for King as well. You'll get one of the best experiences with him as he's always willing to put in the extra effort with you. You'll know it's coming from the right place as he will legit enjoy watching and helping you level up. Also has an elite of elite understanding of the game and characters. One of the first people that pop in mind that would be excellent for something like this.
    24. ForeverKing
      MK11 is coming up! If you wanna sharpen your fighting game skills/abilities leading up to release, now is the time :D
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